Why don't Huggies diapers have stretchy sides

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Back in 2011 my mom got me Huggies Little Movers in size 6 because i was impressed with my cousin Joey when he got his diaper changed and i wanted diapers and when i got them the sides were just not that stretchy because i wanted to wear them to bed but i wore one to bed and i was wet but i wanted the Mickey Mouse ones so can you tell me why Huggies doesn't make stretchy sides to their diapers
Wow. Have you heard of punctuations? It's hard to understand what you're saying, as it's all one sentence.

Regarding Huggies - they don't have stretchy sides because Proctor & Gamble owns the patent for the sides used on Pampers/Luvs.
Your mom bought you Little Movers when you were 13 years old? Ehhhhhhhh....

Anyway... The short answer is: Because Kimberly Clark doesn't want them to. The latest few revisions of GoodNites are evidence that KC has what they need in terms of elastic. The elastic sides on GoodNites are amazing these days! But you know--to fit a baby diaper on a baby, you really don't need all that much stretch. The stretchy wings on Pampers seem rather like overkill to me. Perhaps the argument for them is that they're more comfortable, but hey! Old-school cloth diapers didn't have any elastics, and babies were ok with those. :shrug:
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