Why do you like diapers and what is your favorite diaper?

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I'm curious to why other people like diapers, with me, it was just a life long thing, I've always felt attached to them and it is a part of me that i have to accept, I'm interested in what brought you to it, weather it be medical reasons, being born that way(by being born that way I mean it not being a choice and its something that is just a part of you) or just something that you came across and enjoy?

also what is your favorite diaper? Mine are drynites, I have tried depends, but I'm too skinny and they leak, :( ahaha, same goes with drynites, but the leakage isn't that bad, the female ones are somewhat better then the boy ones, from personal experience, that and there really pretty :)

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Here's how I became a Diaper Lover. My drips/dribbles (caused by BPH) were getting worse and I started using pads and pull-ups to take care of that and some infrequent minor night time leaks I was having. After doing a bit of online research about incontinence products I found the ADISC site. After reading many of the posts I became curious about regular diapers. That is how would they feel and would they work for me? I then tried using diapers to not only control my worsening symptoms but also for fun as I was actually starting to enjoy the feeling of wearing and using a diaper. I never even thought about diapers until I needed some protection but after using them I found that I really enjoyed being in them and the nice warm feeling after wetting in them.

I haven't really tried a lot of diapers but right now my favorites are a Depends Fit-Flex pull-up with an Assurance Guard (pad) for daytime and a Tranquility ATN for the night.


I discovered I was a DL at the age of ten. What motivated me was my budding sexuality and the realization of how pleasurable sexual feelings are. I was years away from actual puberty but I guess my libido got an early start and never quit; I am as interested in sex at the age of 50 as I was at the age of 15.

So my first experience was to recall how it felt when I was a toddler with a particularly full and squishy diaper so I wondered what it would be like. We used Pampers for the cat carriers so I had a supply to experiment with and my waist was (and is) rather trim so I actually fit into them enough to give them a try.

I wet them at first and found out how squishy they became and how good that felt and of course I inevitably tried pooing which also was very pleasurable. It has now been 40 years and I have enjoyed diapers off and on as life circumstances allow. As much as I enjoy wearing I am not at all driven by it so when circumstances are such that I cannot wear it is OK, I just don't wear. This generally involves a woman, and hopefully next time around I can find one that will accept this part of me and, if I get what I truly deserve :beg: then maybe, just maybe, I can find a wonderful woman that will wear with me and be super attractive to me. One can hope, and then one can do everything possible to make it happen. A solid, strong relationship is the most critical aspect, however, so I put that as the highest requirement with all others, aside from my overall happiness, secondary.

I am liking Tranquility ATNs for their fit and ability to deal with messing in a way that I prefer. I like my boosted Abena's for wetting only sessions, and I will do a straight large contour booster for straight wetting sessions or I will cut a slit in the front of the inside liner and stuff a couple of the fillings from rectangular boosters in there so I can have some adult fun after the diaper has been sufficiently wetted to attain the proper consistency... :biggrin:

Thus my reason is almost purely sexual. I am a DL through and through with no real AB tendency. I might be considered to slightly lean to a fem side, but only because sometimes when I am indulging in my panty fetish I get a momentary flash of feeling feminine. Otherwise not really much. So sex and pleasure are what it is all about for me.

Although given my recent experience I would have to add that I find it therapeutic when dealing with a painful separation/divorce...
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