Why do you like diapers and what is your favorite diaper?

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I'm curious to why other people like diapers, with me, it was just a life long thing, I've always felt attached to them and it is a part of me that i have to accept, I'm interested in what brought you to it, weather it be medical reasons, being born that way(by being born that way I mean it not being a choice and its something that is just a part of you) or just something that you came across and enjoy?

also what is your favorite diaper? Mine are drynites, I have tried depends, but I'm too skinny and they leak, :( ahaha, same goes with drynites, but the leakage isn't that bad, the female ones are somewhat better then the boy ones, from personal experience, that and there really pretty :)

*Just realized i think i posted this in the wrong place.. whoops*
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