Why do people like GoodNites so much?

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They don't sound that great, but they're popular around here. Why?
kinda said:
They don't sound that great, but they're popular around here. Why?

They're cheap, and easy to come by. And have cute prints on them.
For most they are the only kind of "real kid diaper" they can fit into! And that is kinda cool if you thrive for an authentic baby/toddler experience :O

They are not very good though, yeah. They perform poorly on adults.
Nostalgia. For a lot of us they were the first thing we tried as teenagers.
For me it's an excellent choice because I can wear them comfortably and they aren't that bad, the availability and price has made them popular among abdls I think
availability, design and style and they feel the best wet to me personally. allot people can fit into them and not everyone floods when they go.
I like goodnotes so much because they are a real baby/youth diaper, they swell up nicely, the designs are nice, They generally hold a decent amount ( 1 to 2 floods depending an the specific goodnite and how big the flood is) ,and they are comfterble
I just don't like the variability... some have enough sap to hold 2 huge floods, while others Leake after only a moderate wetting.

One thing that has really helped is making sure that the leak gourds are standing and fully extended. I always pull them up and out some because they tend to be partiallynbonded to the fabric
I personally do not like them and not once have I ever had what I would consider a good experience with them.
I have been curious about them, but the prints are something that really drags down the appeal. They could be convenient for quick experiences.
First diaper I wore when I knew I liked diapers, and had to wear them for bedwetting up until 3rd grade. Nostalgia, and my bladder is kinda small so they perform pretty well for me, especially days when I drink a lot of coffee
Well, they are cheap, easy to get and cute :3 Just have to be careful when wetting. When I wear out of the house I usually wear them because they are so thin and you can't really even see the waistband. Also they hould my "usual" wetting just fine.
brabbit1987 said:
I personally do not like them and not once have I ever had what I would consider a good experience with them.

Yep. Using them as stuffers is comfy, though!
It's been too long for me to judge their performance but they were the first thing I tried as a kid and a teen. I seem to remember that they swell up amazingly. Something I have been struggling to find since. Even using abenas.
They are ok for what they are. I used to wet the bed up into my teenage years and they are a lot better when you are within the size range (I remember waking up sometimes and, despite not leaking, they would be so heavy that they would fall off my hips, especially if I used them again after waking up) The Tru-fit underwear and inserts are actually really impressive if you can fit them and I would say are better performance wise than the disposables.

Adult bladders are also significantly bigger, so while those of us who wore them in our childhood may remember them holding a lot, they are basing that on number of wettings, rather than volume.
There's also something unique to the construction of GoodNites and the store brand versions. (most of which are manufactured by the same company as GoodNites, Kimberly Clark World Wide, as evidenced by a very small copyright mark on the diaper). The stretchy side panels are separate from the absorbent core, and for many of us, this provides a unique set of tactile sensations in the genital/butt area. I find that GoodNites swell and bulk up in the crotch in a pleasant way that is unique to this type of pullup construction. Plus, for some of us who also have some sort of AB/little personality, the colorful designs (although the last few generations of boys prints are ugly IMHO) and child-oriented branding is psychologically stimulating.
For me, as others have said, nostalgia. They were the first ones I ever tried. This was also when they were all white and larger than they are now. Its also their design. Goodnites use the elastic on the sides while adult pull-ups use it at the top and sides.
I like Goodnites for several reasons. Like others have stated, they are cheap and easy to get at the stores around me. I also personally like the prints. I like that they look like Pull-ups training pants, just with different prints. It's also a nostalgia thing for me. I had them when I was younger (not because I needed them, but because it was a diaper I could fit into). I can still wear them.
It's the same for me, they were the first thing I tried when I was a young teen, and they fit great. Remembering that excitement for the first time brings back memories and that excitement. I must say that I don't use them as much anymore though because there are other diapers that fit and work way better, but they are good if a pullup is needed/wanted :p
i cant say i like them or rate them. I far prefer a adult diaper
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