why do grown up drink yucky alcohol

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Hi everyone

Should we drink yucky alcohol.

OK back story.

I been good, well as good as i can be, if you know what I mean, hee hee.

Anyway it the week end and i don't have to goto school (work.) And Paddy and me where going to spend the day together clearering out the Garage.

But last night Paddy went out drinking and now all I can get out of him is grunts.

Why do groun up go out drinking, I don't understand why people find enjoyment out of drinking in places that smell weird, drinking liquid that tastes funny, ?

Then they can't play with me the following day.

Why are grown ups weird?

Or am I weird. Becouse I go to bed by 9.00 and like to drink strawberry milkshake.
And go to the park and play on swings and slides. Pluss all the other stuff that us Littles like to do colouring in.

I getting confoued, life can be so much simpler,

What do you guys think?

Me when my toofers hurt (fantisizing mommy, (my girlfriend of almost 3 yrs i am hoping shell play my mommy) puts wum (so she cawws it) on my toofers to help with pain. N good question. Be4 mes discovered me was wittwe mes drank dat ucky stuff n mes would wakes up feewing wike poo. Nows mes discovered mes twu selffers and mes now prefer babas wif warm fowmuwa. Mes fawws asweep fast but cant fowget yogis (mes stuffed bear) he cuddles wif me at night.he keeps monstews away...huggles
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Weirdness is just the other side of the coin. I don't personally care for alcohol, but some people enjoy it in the same way we enjoy doing what we do. Drinking can be a social event, an excuse to visit with friends. Some people just want to get drunk.

I think the rhetoric that we constantly use in defense of ourselves applies here. If they're not hurting anyone, then let them enjoy what they will. Sorry he's not awake to play with you. He probably has a headache. If you want to surprise him let him sleep in and bring him some water or tea. Something hydrating he enjoys. If you're feeling particularly adventurous you could try making breakfast. ;)
tewks7979 said:
Me when my toofers hurt (fantisizing mommy, (my girlfriend of almost 3 yrs i am hoping shell play my mommy) puts wum (so she cawws it) on my toofers to help with pain. N good question. Be4 mes discovered me was wittwe mes drank dat ucky stuff n mes would wakes up feewing wike poo. Nows mes discovered mes twu selffers and mes now prefer babas wif warm fowmuwa. Mes fawws asweep fast but cant fowget yogis (mes stuffed bear) he cuddles wif me at night.he keeps monstews away...huggles

Yea bottles of worm milk and honey much nicer and milkshake of course. Much rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy. Hee hee hope got spelling right.

Grr woof woof Rex said hi to your Teddy. Rex is my bogie that keep the monsters away at night for me too.
I agree, alcohol is really yucky. But you know what really tastes bad, Coffee. Seriously, My grandmother drinks several cups of the stuff every day. and to be honest, It tastes Yuck for me. How do people drink the stuff? Still I rather have Milkshakes, soda, or milk.
My experience with alcohol has not been a good one. It was an issue in my life as both my brother and wife had problems with it. My brother is still alive but his body and mind are badly damaged by drinking. He does not see the problem and is the only one who can do anything about the problem. He still drinks.

My wife has passed away. Alcohol cause me much grief during my time with her. It was only the love I had for her that kept me there. I felt a lot of hurt at times from the words she used when she was drinking. I try to only remember the times when she was not drinking because those were better times.

My wife could not accept or understand my little side, she thought it made me less of a man. Yet she did not see the hurt she caused when she was drinking. I will not go back there again in life. I will wear what makes me happy. I will drink from a bottle if I chose, it will have a nipple on it. I do not think alcohol will come into my life much any more. I may still have a sip now and then but never like before. I want to forget the sad memories and bad feelings. Drinking is not the way to do it, it only would make things worst. Warm milk is much better, especially chocolate milk.
yah I don't care much for the test of alcohol I use to drink some rum when I was younger, but now I all most never drink any alcohol maybe once a year I may have a drink
I think Beer is yucky.
To me, it seems like drinking a big jug of pee-pee.
People like different things. Film at 11!
Not surprising the varied replies.

I don't mind a drink now and then. When I was younger I drink more but it was still rare (one the order of one or two drinks every three months) so I was never a 'real' drinker. Now days it is even rarer - I can't remember the last time I had a drink (I think it was about 18 months ago at a funeral).

My sister on the other hand is an alcoholic. Fortunately, she knows this and is trying - sometimes very successfully and sometimes not.

I never really developed a taste for coffee or hot tea (I like Iced Tea) but my favorite is soda and coming in second is just plain water.
I'm not a big drinker. Don't like unflavored beer, straight wine - or at least the homemade stuff my dad gets from someone when he works on his car - is nasty. I will occasionally have rum and Coke (especially on holidays) or Kahlua in an iced coffee, etc.
I guess i'm one of the few people here that drinks. For those of you dislike the taste i will say it is an acquired taste for most people. I love trying new beers. Not much of a liquor drinker though.

Thank you everyone for commenting on this,
I posted becouse I was cross with my Middle, he said we would have the day playing but he was to porly to play with me.
But it is interesting how many of us either don't drink at all or drink occasionally.

The more I find out about my self the more fascinated I become about my classification, I love being a Little. I was never a real grown up and now I now why I not going to be, and that OK becouse I am me and you are you.

I wonder if it the same for smoking, that's something else adults do that I don't understand, why would you do that it stinks and then you smill yuck afterwards, I get the thing about putting things in your mouth, how else are you going to find out what it tastes like. But not when it stinks.

"Should we drink yucky alcohol"

Related question would be why should one like 'yucky' diapers?

Unless you 'need' them, they are bad for the environment and a 'waste' of cash.

Does it make sense to buy something just to use it once and throw it away? Probably not to most people.

I use diapers with no medical need as they make me relaxed and happy. Logical? Not really, but I can afford it and how is it different than other things like golf, or sports, gaming or TV, that others do to relax?

One could argue that those things are a 'waste' of money as they are not essential.

Just like diapers, I enjoy alcohol from time to time.
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I do enjoy drinking to a certain extent. I go out to drink from time to time to socialize, and I will admit that I really like beer, at least good ones. I've always joked that Bud Light is to Beer as Depends are to Diapers (I'm spoiled by good German Beer). Wine is hit and miss for me, Vodka is good for mixing in with stuff and experimenting, not a big fan of Whisky or Tequila (though I won't turn down a Jake & Coke), and Moonshine, I just flat out hate it. Tastes like fire and activates my gag reel.

I can certainly understand why someone wouldn't like alcohol. It is an acquired taste (I didn't like it until I spent 3 weeks in Europe), I have family members that hate alcohol, and it really doesn't matter. You can drink/like and not drink/not like whatever you want. I know there are several other popular drinks that people like that I hate. Like...

KittyninjaW said:
But you know what really tastes bad, Coffee.
Yep. Can't stand coffee, at least when it's plain and black. I can order drinks from Starbucks fine. Except coffee snobs will say that that's not real coffee, and that real coffee is black, bitter, gross, and...ugh. No thank you.

If I really want to have an unpopular opinion, I hate milk. I'm not sure what it is, but it just has this super gross taste to it.

But yeah. I enjoy consuming alcohol, though I'm definitely not a drinker. I know others have shared stories about family members being alcoholics and how that effects their drinking habits. I know 2 years ago, I was at a party getting completely wasted. Blackout, regain consciousness 3 hours later. When your friends tell you that they were *this close* to calling 911 for alcohol poisoning (had I been unconscious for a few more minutes, they would've), yeah. One of the most terrifying moments of my life. I couldn't even look at booze or even have a sip of beer for over 6 months. Wasn't until over a year later that I felt comfortable being buzzed, and I'm still terrified of going beyond buzzed (don't think I'll ever get fully drunk or wasted again thanks to that night) or drinking often. Sorry if I brought this thread down, just please be responsible and don't be stupid if you do decide to drink alcohol.
I loveeee my coffee, drink it with some cocoa powder and milk and sometimes also cinnamon or cardamom; if I problematized every adult thing I did I simply wouldnt have any time left to be me.
I don't smoke, never have, never will. My mother did when I was younger and it was horrible to be around that smell and I had asthma which caused me so many problems as a child and she just couldn't or wouldn't stop. As far as drinking I hate the way it makes me feel, out of control of myself so I don't do it very often maybe a glass of wine every few months with family when I have to "adult".
I don't do alcohol or tobacco, either. Because I know they are both physically harmful, and bad for the brain. I fear that I have an addictive personality and don't want to get hooked. But I won't fight with those who do. Just like Sisi, I don't fathom why they would work to get addicted to something so stinky. OK, it is said above that diapers are stinky too, but as someone elsewhere said, no one crashes his car because his diaper is too wet.
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