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I woke up around 9 minutes ago, almost 2 in the goddamn. I woke up because I had to pee.

Like, as in "this broke through THREE VISTARIL" kind of had to pee. By my guess when I woke up I had like 3 seconds before I was gonna end up wetting.

As I kinda comedy-mince from my bed to the bathroom, I noticed something: I wasn't feeling the dull-red knives and glass in me.

It's about 15 hours since the treatment. My urogynecologist has shit a solution of sodium bicarbonate, lidocaine, and HEPARIN (in case anybody was thinking this is a fuckin joke). My job, to make sure the treatment took, was just to hold it for two hours, minimum. Four is preferred. I expressed my doubts about being able to do this.

I survived five.

Now here we are, me awake as fuck because—well, yeah waking up that full hurt. Still kinda does—I mean as it turned out, this was not an OAB false alarm. That was the most my bladder has been able to hold without tapping out early in like 8 years.

This treatment is LEGIT.
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Ouch. I've had some natural full bladders where I wake up and feel like I can't sit up or get out of bed without bursting open. Like daggers in my insides and having to stiff leg crab walk to the bathroom without bending or bouncing. Even after peeing for what feels like 5 minutes straight with enough pressure and velocity to cut porcelain it still hurts just to walk and I still couldnt get it all out until my bladder shrinks back down to normal size. 🤣

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