who wet the bed as a child

did you wet the bed as a kid

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did you wet the bed as a kid?:unsure:
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No, I actually never wet the bed to my knowledge. My issues was staying dry during the day. From five years old until I was 10 I didn't like using toilets so I used to try and hold it until I couldn't anymore and ended up having accidents as a result.
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I did, until I was around 9 years old.
I remember being in nappies at nighttime because of my bed wetting.
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I put "no," but that deserves clarification. I actually did have one full-on bedwetting incident when I was 7 or 8 years old--a bolt from the blue. Until then I hadn't had a single nighttime accident since I was 3 and sleeping in diapers. So anyway... woke up soaked, went crying to Mom. She was grumpy about it, but didn't punish me or do anything else to make me feel bad. I'm sure she could tell I felt humiliated.
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I did. Wet until I was 16.
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Me. All my life.
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I am a life-long bed wetter. I've had the occasional dry spell over the years (2-3 weeks or a little more) but always returned to regular wetting. I just wear cloth diapers/plastic pants and use a good mattress protector and things are OK.
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Much to the chagrin of my mother, who had her bed linen laundry load added to daily, I never mastered nocturnal dryness until age 9 or 10. At age 7 I turned down the option of diapers and plastic pants that I was offered by mom since I wanted only the plastic pants against my pre-adolescent derrière. That was 3 years earlier that I could’ve been waking up to a dry bed if I hadn’t been so closed minded to having a cloth diaper between my tushie and my polymer pals.
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I most definitely wet the bed until my mid to late teens and was dry by high school I believe
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Only once or twice; not chronically.
Yes, until I was thirteen but I never had the option of diapers and rubber pants; just a wet bed, wet pajamas, wet blankets and a smelly room. I did have the interest in diapers and plastic pants from the time I was three, but they were not offered and I never asked. I guess I was just too embarrassed to talk about liking such things. At least the plastic sheet kept the mattress dry.
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I wet the bed a few times as a kid, including one particularly embarrassing incident in a hotel room when I was about 6 (where my sibling four years younger stayed dry) but not frequently enough for it to be considered a problem. I think that the last time I wet as a kid I was about 7.
I wet the bed from about 9 years old to 12 years old.
I wet my bed frequently until I was put into a forced masturbatory reconditioning in 1988.
I wet the bed beyond the age of 6. My bedwetting memories are awful too. Let's just say I didn't have the most understanding mother.
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I did till I was almost 10 and I was put in a diaper before bed and then changed in the morning. My little brother still wets the bed and is put in a diaper before bed and changed in the morning. Seeing him get diapered and diapering him myself is what made me want to go back to diapers.
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I wet the bed until I was 6-7 years old. funnily enough, im 27 now and last year I had 2 accidents during the night. Im not IC, but one morning I woke up and had a slighy wet spot on the bed sheets, and the 2nd time I woke up just as I started to pee in my sleep.
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I did until finally potty trained around 5 but needed to wake up middle of every night to go to the loo every night. If I didn’t I would wet the bed. Last time I remember was aged 11 on a school trip. Very embarrassing to have to go and tell teacher. They had to change sheets and put a plastic cover on bed.
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I definitely was! I wet every night until I was 12 and then still wore protection for a while after that, because I didn't mind and was totally used to it by then, so I was probably out of nighttime diapers late 12ish, possibly 13 but I can't remember the exact timeframe
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