Who wears their Little/AB clothes in public?

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In reading the posts, it seems like some members have an extensive wardrobe of clothes for their smaller selves. I'm wondering how many members wear those clothes in public, where it can be seen (and not necessarily recognized as AB/DL clothing).

Myself, I've worn jonjons and longalls to numerous places - theaters, shopping malls, parks, restaurants. I've even worn my fancier jonjons to church and to the doctor's office (I have a doctor who is accepting of the lifestyle and enjoys having someone "dress up" to come to his office).
I have worn my pink T-shirt that has PAMPERS written across it, with my pacifier snapped to it :)
I buy tee shirts like cookie monster skylanders cartoon type and cargo pants, shorts .
So I can be little and not show up to much .
Not brave to wear my diapers or snap crotch shortal's or onesies in public.
Wearing that in public doesn't do anything for me. Unless the rest of the world is somehow in on it and accepting, it doesn't add to my enjoyment to be seen that way. I have worn childish clothes a few times for events and some of that required me to be out in the world prior to arrival at the event. So far, I've been able to tread the line of normalcy for the public situation with strategic coverings, etc. I don't think it would be the end of the world if someone saw me in shortalls, but it's easy to throw a T-shirt over it and have it look like shorts until I get where I'm going.

There are things one can wear that are less obvious but as I noted before, unless everyone else is into it, I don't see the point. Discreet diapers are still the best thing for me in this sense.
I have worn my overalls out a few times. Not my shortalls with snaps in the crotch though and not with my babypants onsies or anything obviously AB. The only time it got comments was at the "adult" show when I was with a girl also dressed in cartoon overalls.
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