Who likes building snow sculptures 😁


I am fennec hear me scree
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I never turn down the opportunity to build something in the snow, what do you all like to build, snow people, forts, igloos etc.

This is my snowfox from this morning 🦊😁20230227_120757.jpg
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Woah!! That’s awesome! When I lived in the country, it was forts all the way for me. One of my lil dreams when I can be back in the countryside is to get all padded under a snow suit and play out in the snow again, and a fort is definitely part of that plan.
I live in a city now for school, and since I’m in New England we still get a lot of snow, but I don’t feel as inclined to play with all the stuff you could potentially find mixed in there 😬😅
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I have before but they never turn out like I want them to look !! : (
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no because I dont get snow that much
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fleckothefennec said:
This is my snowfox from this morning
That looks fantastic. I love building snow forts and snowmen, but I’ve never managed anything that could be called a sculpture. I should probably try an instrument of some sort. Always I get to karate-chopping at snowballs with my gloved hand and suddenly the whole thing collapses, heh.
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