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Who I Am.


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Hi, Dljohnny67 here.
Im a Minnesota D.L. which means 100 % of the other a.b/d.l. people I get to interact with, never see my face . Knowing I will never likely meet a woman a.b. or d.l. woman used to make me bitter, but I'm over it now, because there's nothing I can do about it. I used to watch a lot of Abdl porn, but I realized that porn sites create the illusion that it's possible to arrange the situations portrayed on those sites, where, for instance, a woman catches her man cheating on her, and tells him he can still live with her, but as her ''baby boy," and" has to wear diapers 24-7'." Absolutely ridiculous. The reason I'm Abdl is because my eldest sister was a little mentally ill and as I've heard from her, and my aunt Stephanie , who used to change me when she watched me, was that I often got severe erections during diaper changes. I knew they were laughing at me, but I didn't know why. My eldest sister thought it was cute , and harmless to hold my legs up , above a solid diaper , while displaying me to her friends, because of the fact that a "toddler had an errection". and it's rare. Ultimately, What being her 'share and tell" so often, did to me, was make it extremely hard to achieve an errection, all throughout puberty, and with my adult life as well, subconsciously fearing I'd be laughed at If A woman saw me with an errection. And the only way I can achieve one is with a diaper. I had ONE girlfriend, with whom, who I shared this fact. She was a L.p.N. in an old folks home, so she kept me in diapers on the weekends, for obvious reasons. In 2019, she passed on ...at age 56. I haven't even bothered finding another woman . None could ever replace her. Thanks for reading me.


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Well I hope you find some AB friends soon.😄
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So sad, there is plenty of support here.

So, hello and welcome from the UK!