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Reposting because this was deleted.

I always knew I would be eaten, but I've never expected to wait so long in suspense. Felines have been known to play with their food, but I've haven't heard of any that take meals home. I made several attempts to escape, but the shock collar and leash made every attempt as futile as the last. The cat, who was short for a cat, towered far above me as we walk. It's strange that a predator looks so much like we would.

All higher animals(both mammals, birds, and and arguably some reptiles) share the same basic figure and form: Two legs, two hands, mammaries in females, well.. don't really need to go on explaining how people look like do I? In the case of the local cats, they are about 3 to 4 times as tall as the mice of my village. Walking behind her, I was eye level with her hamstrings. Her lower body was of course, quite muscular as expected for a cat. Their spotted fur goes up to variable places on their legs, and resides on the tails. Most of the rest of the body was furless, although the hair one the head was usually a wild orange, blond, or black even though my capturer had brown hair.

Most mice I've seen had either brown, red, or gray hair. I was born with white hair, and was of course poorly fit to survive long. It's amazing I've survived to adulthood(barely). Everyone treated me like the walking death I was. I had no one growing up for that reason. My mom was killed in a cat raid, and my father was apparently snatch by a hawk. Hawk always seemed like like the most likely way to go.

Life in the village wasn't fun. Every mouse know that albinism is a beacon to predators. No matter how much I've covered up, people always acted as if it was a curse that could be passed onto them. Even the beggars avoided me. I've never came close to friendship, much less romance. There really was nothing in my life worth cherishing.

I still fought to survive when I saw the cat jump out of the woods. I apparently let my colors show to much as I heard her say "White Mousy!". I jump into the river knowing cats hate water, except this one didn't.

We've been walking for hours, and we reach a cat city. The cats were quite a bit more advance than mice. They had things called "cars", "trains", and "computers". Their roads were like one solid rock instead of gravel and their buildings were not only taller(of course for cat's size) but had many floors.

Why did she bring me here? Do they do make mice go through deadly tests of speed and cunning? Do they make us fight each other to the death? Maybe she just stores up her food before she plays and then eats us?

"We're here, Stay here"

We arrived at fancy two story(cat sized) house. She tied the lease to a pole then went inside. It seemed like a good time to escape at first, but then I remembered the great city full of mice eaters. I waited nervously, as I notice a few cats doing their own things around the neighborhood. I saw that one across the street spotted me, but I already was at the possession of another "citizen." I couldn't help but break into tears again.

She came back outside, and put her forehead to mine. She suddenly pushed me onto the lawn and ripped of my pant and underwear. I was now exposed to a vicious carnivore.

So she wants to eat me from the bottom up...

"I don't want to die like this"

"Nothing is going to hurt you silly"

She slid some blucky garment under my bottom and wrapped it around under my legs to cover my crouch. I didn't dare look. Then she pulled up the side of the and taped in to the front. It was just like a diaper?

Without hesitation I looked at the thing, and it was clearly diapers, on me, on my crouch, in between my legs, white, thick, just like you put on baby. Nothing like you put on a dinner.

"I'm am your loving master Rei, and you will be my Squeaky."

I looked at the predator and then at the diaper. The strange and white garment, while very embarrassing to have on, met that she didn't plan on harming me, much less eat me. I touched the thing and it was real and... diapery on the inside. I was safe and that's all that mattered.


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Author's Note: When I originally wrote this, I never actually wore a real diaper. I had to change some details for accuracy.​

Rei brought me inside the large house to a bedroom and removed the leash. She then closed the door, and put me on the floor. I could tell the standard of living was quite a bit higher for cats. Nothing here was to old or broken.

Rei got up on her bed an just continued to watch me. I walked around a bit exploring the room noticing the crinkling garment ever so slightly impeding my movement. I didn't know what was stranger, the new setting, Rei's constant attention, or the diapers separating the world from my male parts.

I did have to pee a little, and I didn't object to the idea of wetting them. I decided to go a little, but I couldn't. I couldn't help but feel that the diapers were the most interesting thing at the time. In an effort to get a little privacy, I dash under the bed and found myself in a maze of obstacles. This bought me time to investigate.

I quickly found the tapes and found that I couldn't get any grip on on. I then decided to feel around the leg holes. amazingly I found no openings between the diaper and skin, although I did feel a sliver of bare cushioning underneath the plastic. It did feel snug, but I was surprised at it's impenetrability. The waist border was just as secured as the legs. I could not even begin to get it off of me.

A hand reached my and I was pulled to the topside of the bed.

"Squeaky, be more sociable. Bond with me a bit a then you can meet the other pets"

I was stroked on the back multiple time. The will to resist was pretty much gone.

"Why did you put me in diapers? I can take care of myself"

"Call me Rei, please"

I had a few bad experience with cats, so it felt odd calling her by name.

"R-Rei, why am I in diapers."

"Because you're my cherished pet, Squeaky. Squeakiness, I love you!"


"Yes, pets like Squeaky wear diapers because we can't let them take care of themselves. I'll take care of you forever!"

She pull off my shirt and removed the shock collar so there was nothing but the diaper on me.

"Squeaky, do you understand what's outside the walls of this house."


"Yes, a lot of meany ocelots, tigers, and kitties that want to eat you. But you don't have to worry if you stay with me. Now let's go see your new friends."

She picked me up and brought me to a cage in the next room. It housed a wooden toy like two story building divided up into six "apartments". It had a wood chip yard, and something like a playground. Also, right in front of the cage was something that was probably a diaper changing table. There were also bowl near the front for food, prepared for 2 apparent residents

I was allowed to walk in as Rei closed the cage door behind me.

"Scuttles, please come out to meet your playmate."

A girl peek out from the door on bottom left corner of the "apartments". She hid back behind the wall. She appeared rodent-like just like me, but looked like she had big ears.

"Scuttles, you need your nighttime change, don't you?"

The shy rodent slowly stepped out of her apartment into a slow walk. Her ears were quite bigger than any rodent species I know of and seemed like thin rabbit ears. Not only were her ears big, but she was was easily the most well endowed female I've seen also. Scuttles was pulling down her white shirt near her pink diaper, as if to hid them. She had red hair and freckles all over her body. She was blushing quite obviously, and facing down a bit while walking to the changing table. It was hard to decide what to look at, since there were so much to look at for a lot of different reasons. Her leg were quite sexy, although the freckles made them sort of silly at the same time. The pink diaper, which she is obviously embarrassed by, was also quite attention grabbing. Her breasts, which were quite large by themselves, were propped up a bit by the position of her arms. Her ears were also quite unusual. By the time it occurred direct my gawking at her face, she was already passed. I couldn't help but notice her diaper was... used.

Rei said to me when Scuttles got to the changing table, "You should go to bed in the apartment above Scuttle's, it's furthest from Fuzzy."

I really screwed up that first impression with a girl. As long as Fuzzy wasn't her boyfriend, I was in a good position. Maybe fuzzy was Scuttle's sister.

I headed off to that apartment and laid in it's bed. It's quite comfortable despite being cheaply made. In my exhaustion, I couldn't get to sleep. I need to pee badly, but I couldn't hardly move anymore. I've been instinctively holding it in. I reach down to remind myself that I am, indeed, wearing a diaper.

I laid there in bed trying different position to wet myself. First I tried lying in my side, then on my stomach, stretched out on my back, then sitting up.

I figure I should try going as normal as possible. Groggily I stood up as if I had a toilet to go into. Since telling myself I was in a diaper wasn't help I did my best to imagine going normally, yet that did not work either.

I was tired of be so uncomfortable, and my bladder was starting to make it painful. I place my hands against the wall and looked down at the floor. The pressure was ever increase. I closed my eyes to handle the feeling.

Suddenly there was the rush of fluid on my crotch. In my panic I stopped myself from peeing before I realized what was happening. I almost relieved myself, but I stopped before it made any difference. After a quick feel around the diaper I notice it had not leaked. I felt the material soak up the urine from the skin a bit. I didn't even do enough to make a lasting feeling.

Although dry, the diaper somehow felt different after the wetting. It was as if I was finally understanding that it was compatible with me. I urinated at will this time and until I realized the volume that the pee I unleashed. I stopped yet again I regretted going that much. The pee this time had clear depth at the bottom of the diaper, which was moist all along the front. The feeling of the daiper changed, although it absorbed everything away. I really didn't feel good about the eventually implications of this concept to begin with. I could deal with committing the act, but carrying around this burden didn't sit well in my mind. At least I wasn't in the "pain" level with my bladder.

I went into my bed, and waited for it to dry completely. After a while the front(which is the most important part in my opinion) did absorb all feeling of wetness. I still felt the urge to go. The pee flow out much slower while I was in bed. I wasn't used to to position of peeing, as it was the position of going to. I continuously peed for what was certainly a few minute, and I didn't even remember stopping that night.

"Squeaky, wake up"

It was still dark, and the voice was way to close to be coming from Rei. Indeed it was the mysterious rodent(still don't know her species) girl ,"Scuttles". She had the plain beige shirt, and her white diapers were the brightest thing in the moonlight.

"What is it... ...Scuttles", I said, even though calling someone by a pet name did not feel right,

"You were having a nightmare. I was afraid you would wake you fuzzy."

I didn't even remember having a dream. I adjusted my glaze to her face, hopefully the darkness covered my gawking. She did looked worried. Her face really is quite pretty, and it was actually a shame the her body detracts from it. Seeing it concerned made me feel that it was something I had to fix.

"Who is Fuzzy?"

My mind was flying at 100 miles per hour with this girl, and I instantly regretted bringing up another person, who could be another male.

"Fuzzy is Rei's first pet, and she's very old. She... prefers not to be woken."

"I wasn't making to much noise, was I?"

Scuttles looked quite sad. She sat down at the end of my bed. I was about to get out of bed to join her, but halfway through, I remember about the diaper I had on.

"We're both wearing the same thing.", Scuttles assured me.

I then work up the courage to move by pretending I was where pants. It didn't work completely as i sat in the moonlight and had my diaper illuminated. This was my first conversation with her, so I felt nervous as hell about everything.

"You were yelling, something about your mother. If you don't want to talk about it, I understand."

I didn't realize I still had strong feeling about that day, but I don't want to think back to then.

"It's a bit to painful to talk about," I finally replied.

"It's okay, I'm here to help you. The least I could do is"

She stopped mid sentence. She was quite uneasy. I could tell she was self-conscience about her breast size at this point.

"I would like a hug if that's what you wanted to do", I said

"but, I'm not sure it will m-mean the right thing."

She stood up and took a few pace from the bed, unsure of what to do next.

I really would have liked a hug. Any hug, but A hug from this girl would be the best thing I could feel right now. Her breast can maybe even big consider too big, as if a joke, but I admitted I've given them an great amount of attention first time we've meant. I've never gotten to be the close to any female affection before(Well Rei is female but that doesn't really count) and I was determined to get some real affection. Maybe she know what I'm thinking, and I'm being all to predictable as a male peer. It would be much easier if her breasts were out of the equation. That last thought made me feel a bit sad, but I think I know what to do.

I stood up behind her and carefully put my arms around her. One arm near her shoulders and the other near her stomach I able embraced her tightly. I could feel her relax, and I felt happy that she accepted this.

"We're closer this way", I said, hoping to get a positive verbal response.

She didn't respond.

I then decided to make a mental note of everything I'm feeling from her. I wanted to remember this as well as possible. I could feel her some what wide bra strap through her shirt and and her tail was out to the left. My diaper was still a bit wet on the bottom. Speaking of diapers, both of our diapers keep us from feeling each other near that area. It's probably a good thing in this situation. The overall feeling of the warmth and body trumped any detail.

I was a bit afraid it gone on too long so I let go. I didn't ever wanted to let go.

Scuttles turned around and took a few steps back.

"Did I do something wrong"

I was quite worried I messed up somehow.

"No, you didn't. I did something wrong, sorry."

She's regretting coming here. I was too assertive and too obvious.

"Well, good night then.", I said


Suddenly her breasts were on my chest lock in place by her unexpectedly strong arms around my back. Her head was on the side of my head, so that she could speak at around where my ear was.

"I came to comfort you. What I've overheard was quite terrifying. You have some bad experiences with cats don't you? You've afraid of even Rei. As her pet you're suppose to receive your emotional support from her, but I know you can't do that. Your past has been too damage. I'm was such a coward that I almost didn't help you in your time of need."

She adjusted her arms and hand for a better hold. It was barely on my toes not really supporting myself. She was seriously about hugging although she eventually just calmed down to hug me softly. It was a very long hug that I couldn't even remember ending. I guess I feel asleep easily that night.
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My bed was pretty warm as I woke up, and I noticed my diapered state right away. I was rather comfortable except for that. It was morning and the first day of my new life as a pet. There was also the girl I had to consider, which I couldn't help but smile when I thought of her.

I got out off bed and headed towards my apartment door. It became increasingly awkward to walk with the thickness of the diaper around my legs and I waddled a lot. When I got to the door I froze. What if this was all a prank and Scuttles was waiting outside in normal clothes waiting to laugh at me in my diaper?

I tried to think about it logically knowing that wasn't about to happen, but there didn't stop the fear of such an embarrassment from happening. I wouldn't feel rested until I saw her diapers again. With a deep breath, I walked outside with the only article of clothing I had. Not a single soul was in sight.

I hopped down to floor level and checked Scuttle's apartment. She wasn't in there. She had a lot more stuff in her apartment, even a dresser were she kept what little clothing she had. I even went over to get a look at Fuzzy. She was a very old and big bunny sleeping in a mess of food.

Over at the play equipment, I saw monkey bars, a hamster wheel, a tether-ball pole, a ball, and various things to do exercise with. I wanted to find Scuttles. so I went around the parameter of the cage. She was sitting near the door of the cave. I paused to look at her to make sure she was in diapers too because logical thinking wasn't enough to relieve me from the imagined embarrassment. She was looking into her hands.

"Scuttles, what's up?"

She turned her face and dropped the wood chips in her hand.

"May I talk to you?" I asked.

"Sure," she mumbled, "What do you want to talk about."

"I wanted to thank you for that hug yesterday."

"Don't bother. I just wanted to be nice." She pick up a couple of wood chips from the ground. "You know, you barely missed Rei as she was leaving for work. It was about 30 minutes ago."

"Did she change your diaper?" I asked, "I'm tired of this wet one."

"Yes, she changes diapers at that time. Your diaper isn't that filled up anyways," she said striking the wood chips in her hands together. It something children do when bored and it annoyed me so much.

"Why don't you come play with me at the play area."

It would be amazing playing with her, a beautiful and admittedly under-dressed girl like her.

"No thanks."

"but, you're just playing with wood chips."

She put them down quickly. She didn't even seem to realize she was doing that in front of me and she seemed sort of angry that I pointed it out.

"I'm waiting for Rei to return for he lunch break. She does that every Monday."

"How long until that happens," I asked.

"Four hours from now," she said with her head down.

"So time would go by quicker if we did something fun."

She turn away. "I don't want to move. I messed myself already. Big time."


"We're wearing diapers, mouse boy. What do you think messed means?"

"But you have a new diaper. You just got changed."

"I don't want to talk about. Now leave me alone."

The girl just told me to leave. It felt horrible. I walked away wanting to run, but my judgement told me not to.

By the time I ran to the play area, I was very angry with myself. I'm the only guy here and I manage to mess it up with the girl of my dreams.

Also, I managed to go the entire morning without think about pooping in a diaper. It was a horrible thought, but it was inevitable that it was going to happen. I did hold it a couple of times so it could be as soon as today.

My thought went back to Scuttles. She did look sad playing with those wood chips, and sitting in her own waste no less. It felt like there was something really wrong her. Going back would be harassment, or maybe it wouldn't. I hated situations like this.

I walked around the play area. Nothing would make me feel right here. I then noticed the ball. I picked it up and walked back to were Scuttles was.

I noticed her playing with her shirt boredly as I returned. She turned and noticed me before I could say anything.

"Oh... you have the ball. I can't exactly play sports right now," she said.

"You don't have to move," I said as I tossed the ball to her.

She smiled as she said, "I didn't expect you to come back so soon."

"I couldn't live with myself not helping you in a time of need."

We literally spent the next for hours sitting on the ground rolling and throwing the ball at each other. I greatly enjoyed myself as she was happy and attractive. She didn't mind how much I looked at her freckly legs, face, hair, or even her chest. If fact there were times she moved her body in ways that completely ignored the mess in her poopy diaper. It must have been a long time since she had someone her own size to play with.

Please give me some feedback. I've gotten none so far​