Which one is your favorite form of checking your diaper?

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  1. Diaper Lover
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all the above
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My wife's favorite way to check for a wet diaper is the crotch squeeze. She would squeeze the front of my diaper at 3-4 AM and tell me I'm soaked and tells me to change.
I've never had anyone to check mine, but I'd imagine finger in the leak guard and the crotch squeeze.
Finger in leg guard but be careful not to go in too far!
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When she does decide to check me, she like to use both! Crotch squeeze and Waistband pull.
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Finger in the leakguard for me. Especially if I don't know its coming.
1. “The bum rub”/ “Free Space”

2. Waistband Pull”
All of the above but I particularly like the waistband pull.
Finger in leak guard and waistband pull
First would have to be the crotch squeeze. I find it hard to keep my hands off my crotch when my diaper is swollen. Second would be the bum rub. While I generally try not to number two in my diaper it does get swollen in the back from pee.
Leg guard (with no warning) and then being grabbed by the hand and told I’m getting changed. 😍
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My wife always does the Crotch Squeeze for my wet diapers and the Waistband Pull for my messy ones.
I do crotch squeeze and bum rub. My SO do to me same, depends in access. When I wake up diapered next after some hard day(s) , she will usually touch my diaper ( sooner or latter).
And tell me to put a new diaper after removing soaked( if used) and shower. To stay in diaper if I want.
footedpjs said:
Finger in the leakguard for me. Especially if I don't know its coming.
feels especially naughty when that happends as you're peeing
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Nobody checks mine but me, I’m always doing the crotch squeeze and the bum rub.
If I'm not wearing trousers over my diapers and rubber pants, my wife uses her fingers to check under my leg opening. Sometimes she will squeeze my crotch instead, or after she's tested under a leg opening just to have a bit of fun. If I have pants on, she pulls the back of my trousers and my diaper and rubber pants and puts her hand down the inside of my diaper until she feels any wetness. Since I only wear cloth diapers, if I am wet, the diaper is wet all the way up the back, or front for that matter.
My wife does not check mine, but I have done the crotch squeeze, hands down the front, and the finger under the leg gathers. This may sound ridiculous to those of you who are fully continent, but there are a lot of times when I have no idea how wet I am and usually find a private place to check my diaper.
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All of the above for sure
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