which diapers should i buy?

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my family is going to the beach in about 10 days and i thought that would be a great time to get more diapers

i don't yet have a credit card, so i can't order from amazon, ABU, bambino, XP, or pretty much anywhere else, except for the local pharmacy where i can pay with cash when i get the package delivered.
their diaper section isn't really big, but they do have plastic backed attends, fiber backed iD expert slip, and cloth backed abenas, all in my size.

i already bought iD and attends once, and i really feel nice and secure while wearing them. and now i can't decide if i should just buy more of attends and iD, or if i should get less of those and replace them with abenas, or buy just abenas.

i really want to try abena, because everyone here loves them, but it seems like everyone who says how much he loves them, is talking about the plastic backed version, and the pharmacy only has the "premium" cloth backed version.
i read some threads and people said that cloth backed abenas are terrible, and can easily leak right through the shell of the diaper. the review from some other website said that they are great, and that they don't leak like that.

90% of the time i wear, i wear to bed, so leaks through the shell are a dealbreaker for me.
is there anyone who has experience with those diapers to tell me how good they are? should i get them, or would i be better off with a bunch of plastic backed attends? i really like them so far, but they can feel like a butt sauna on hot summer nights.

so, what should i buy? i'm also on a budget, which means i can't buy a case of each
I would give the Abenas a shot. You have the time and space to explore, so live it up, and maybe get a smaller amount of the ones you know and like, just in case, budget permitting.

Have you looked into getting a prepaid debit or gift card that works like a credit card? Not sure what country you're in, so i dont know how that works for you.
Was going to suggest a visa gift card that way you could do online shopping. From what I understand of America there are plenty of diapers in most large stores but they are usually of poor quality
Can you set up a paypal acct withput a credit card? A few diaper retailers take paypal. (you'd at least need a bank account)
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