Where to buy Castor Oil and/or Magnesium Citrate Liquid


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Can anyone advise me where I can purchase Castor Oil and/or Magnesium Citrate Liquid for use as a laxative please?

I appreciate that these have very strong effects and are not to be used lightly.

I’m based in the UK
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Please be aware that over using laxities can have very negative health consequences over time.

Over here in the US, Magnesium Citrate can be found in the local pharmacy ( CVS & RiteAid in my area ), I've also seen Wal-Mart selling it.

I've not seen castor oil for a long time ... I see it's still available from a wide selection of online vendors.
From personal experience, drinking castor oil may lead to vomiting and an incredably nasty after flavor. Food grade mineral oil ( seen at RiteAid ) may be a better alternative.
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