When you have a pacifier


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Seriously! So soothing! That is all, heheheh
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I'm finding having a paci in my hand even more soothing that inside my mouth. I think that the perfect would be having one paci more little in my hand and one adult sized in my mouth.
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I love pacifiers!! they so nice!!
that's why i have 3 (i actually have 5 but i dont use them)!
shame i have sensitive mouth so they rub easily :C
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Those are so cute! I love the pacifier that I have, I use it every night at bedtime. I ordered a set from Rearz earlier today and I cant wait for them to show up!
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I have too FIXX pacifiers & I love it💋
I have BLACK & RED😍
Just got my first pink Fixx kitty paci in the mail today. Fits like a glooove! 😍
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Love Fixx 10 . Feeling that huge guard pressed against your face and edge rubbing against your cheeks. Instant little mode.