When to change while wearing 24/7 and wanting to go out?

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Due to the holidays and my work giving us an extra day off to boot, I had a chance to go 24/7 for a few days this past week and I had a question come up I haven't dealt with yet.

Namely, when should I change, especially before going out? I like wearing particularly thick diapers, my current options are some bellisimos, a few tenas (plastic backed), and some of the Tykables overnight. If I were just at home, I'd stay in the diaper until it was soaked, but I worry about a couple things before going out: 1) smell if I've been in the wet diaper too long and 2) leaks if I end up peeing more than intended while out.

Also, I realize that a totally reasonable answer is to just be on the safe side and change to a dry diaper if I'm uncertain, but I'm hoping to get the forum's wisdom and experience to reduce the times I'm uncertain in the first place.
I would change in the morning, and depending on from there when you leave I would change before you left and maybe 2-3 wettings change again and then change before bed. That's about what I do through the day if I go diapered all day. Tranquility says they have a 24/7 challenge it's one ATN then two day diapers. They say you only will need to change twice through the day and one over night
It really depends on what I'm doing and where I'm going. Generally I'd rather err on the side of caution and change before I go out, unless I specifically plan on changing when I get there (when I was in college I'd frequently wear the diaper I'd slept in, drive to campus early, then change in one of the never used restrooms on my way to an early morning class. It was easier than changing at home and then sneaking diapers out with the trash).

To me there's nothing worse than being stuck somewhere, really having to pee, but not being able to because the diaper is near leaking point and there's nowhere to change.
I am on day 4 of 24 hours diapered. Even though I do not actually use my diapers, I change about 3 times. Once when I wake up, once mid day, and then before bed. There is nothing better than a fresh diaper! Ok, I did wet a little in the car on the way home tonight! It has been really fun. I might try to go the full 7 days, but I will probably make it to 5. That's a milestone for me!

I can't figure how you all go 24/7 all time. That must get expensive. Although, I do have expensive taste in Diapers! (ABU). Do any of you that are 24/7 actually not USE the diapers?
I am +/- 20 years into wearing 24/7 I use ATN and about 5 or 6 a day,then put on a cloth nite diaper simply because I toss and turn alot in my sleep and can't count on a disposable to keep from leaking if I am on my side. When to change is more of an art than science you have to factor in your water intake thus far,what you expect to take in, the time of day etc... no one just starts and gets it right without some leaks along the way.
I don't have too much experience wearing out, but if you feel like you're either close to leaking or you really badly need to flood it and you aren't comfortable taking the risk. You could go into the restroom, take off your clothes from the waist down. Get out as much pee in your system as possible, then change. You get to empty your bladder and use your current diaper to it's max so it doesn't feel wasteful to change a semi-wet one. I've only done this at home, but it really helps.
Been wearing 24/7 for three years now due to incontinence. I err on the side of caution and change before I go out. Even if it is only a little wet. Figure better to have full capacity ready than to leak. I use Abena M4s, but I am switching to the ABU Simples. I won't change that as much because I tried to max them amd couldn't. Plus it will only take my buget up slightly per month.
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