When the cashier says something unexpected...

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I have a job in construction, which means I'm traveling all over the surrounding area. I've been working for a while at a job an hour from my home with a Walmart right along the way, so whenever the urge to stock up on my cheaper diapers hits me, it's right there. It's convenient and nobody I know shops or lives around there, so accidental encounters aren't a real concern (unlike the time a coworker got in line behind me at the self-checkout just after scanning 2 huge packs of Depends and didn't say anything before she came up behind me to spook me like friends do. Boy, that was nerve-wracking, but I think I got away without her noticing, and at this point I don't care if she did.)

So yesterday I stopped in because I was out of Depend Protection with Tabs, which for some reason, I still favor over the premium diapers I've started using. I ended up getting two packs of those, plus a bunch of other diapers, a big pack of womens panties, two bottles of personal lubricant, and some unrelated household goods I needed.

With the number of unusual items in my cart, I figured it might be best to go through the self-checkout lane rather than face a cashier while buying both Huggies and KY...

But when I got to the front of the store, the self-checkout lanes were packed and moving slowly, so I bit the bullet and got in the line with the least interested-looking and least threatening cashier, a short, tired-looking Hispanic woman in her 50s.

When she was ringing me up, I got a text message, so I wasn't looking at her for most of the transaction. But when she got to the Depends (S/M), she held them up slightly...

"Are these good? You like?"

I was put off guard for a second, and just shrugged and made a "meh, so-so" face.

As she bagged them, she said "I like the large, they work good."

For some reason, I got sheepish and said "Yeah, I don't really know, they're not for me."

"Oh," was all she said.

I ended up quietly suggesting she check out NorthShore Care, since they're pretty close to where I live and have free one-day shipping. I'm not sure if she really understood what I was saying, there was a bit of a language barrier, but I felt like maybe I had done a good deed by recommending a better selection of incontinence supplies to someone who needed them for medical reasons. Sometimes the cashier will remark on your purchase in a very unexpected way.
My guess is that she might have a relative who needs protection. She probably thought you were doing the same. Anyway, will you go back to her line next time?
tg4selfcheckout said:
For some reason, I got sheepish and said "Yeah, I don't really know, they're not for me."

That's what we ALL say at the checkout, right? right? so yeah, they were probably for her. ;)
Isn't it amazing how diapers are the one product that seems to get people's attention. It never fails!
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