When did you first want to regress?

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I realize that most people first wanted to regress when they first wanted to wear diapers, but not me. I wonder if anyone else had this experience.

I first wanted to wear diapers when I was around 8 years old, but AS an 8-year-old wearing diapers. Same thing when I was a teen, I wanted to be a teen wearing diapers. I was never interested in being a younger kid. I always wanted to grow up more.

Then in my mid twenties, things changed. I had graduated from college and was working in the Military. I was stressed and not happy with my work. I thought I had screwed up every major decision in my life. Where I lived, the local school district had built a dedicated Kindergarten building for all kindergarteners in the district. The school was beautifully decorated with a wonderful new playground just for kindergarteners, and the school was on my way to work every day.

(No! I did not stalk the school playground, or ever play on it, I just drove by it everyday to work). That was when I started wishing I could just start over as a 5-year-old in kindergarten. I wanted to BE a kid going to that school so bad. Anyway, that was how I became more of a "Little" than just a DL.

Any similar stories?
I've never really had much interest in regressing. I've tried it a few times but have trouble getting into the true mindset. I can't do it alone. I need another person to help. Like you, I've been interested in diapers since I was very young. But never really interested in trying the regression part until very recently. Maybe one day I can find a big brother / mommy / etc, where I could get into the mindset. I really want to experience it. I'm not sure if I'll enjoy it or not. But I won't really know until I get the chance to try it out. But yeah, hopefully one day I'll find someone to change / bath / feed etc. so I can give it a try. I've done it for others, & hope I'll get the chance one day.
For me. I was fascinated by diapers since a young age, then about at 10 years old it started to become sexual. then all through middle and high school it was more of like a forced regression thing. When I started to be able to get my own diapers in college and other baby things, like my footies. I began to cool down on the sexual some and I started to be more relaxed and I could regress without the sexual nature as much. I think what finally cooled me off so to say was the ability to actually act on my desires to be diapered. It was like something my body wanted for years.
When I started to wear diapers in my youth, it was as MyWorld08 said - there was no regression or baby thinking, it was just using and wearing a diaper.

I didn't start to get baby items in order to play at being a baby or toddler until a few years ago (maybe ten??). I still haven't truly regressed, my mind is still very much an adult but I dress and do some baby/toddler things.
Shortly after 9/11 when this world became a complete hell hole.
I'm listening to Justin Townes Earle "Absent Fathers".
I was the oldest of "Irish triplets". Two brothers, one 11 months younger, a second 18 months younger than him. Three kids in diapers (or almost) at some point. My oldest memory is going into my youngest brother's room, seeing his crib, etc., getting a cloth diaper and plastic pants and putting them on. Suddenly, my mom came in to check on my brother. She never saw me, but I never forgot.
I was always facinated with diapers when I was younger. I have a memory of me and my friend wearing diapers and playing 'house' (This was well after I'd outgrown diapers!)

Ever since then (or roundabouts then) I've wanted to wear diapers and be little! However, I've only recently started buying baby clothing and baby-print adult diapers. My roommates (hopefully) don't know a thing! :)
Honestly, I never really yearned to regress. I have before written stories about babies going about a normal baby's day and fantasized about living through such scenarios, but that didn't carry over into my ideas for actual practice. When I started drinking from a bottle and wearing diapers (as an adult), I only did it because I liked it. But then one day I found myself getting into a babyish mindset and quite enjoyed it. So, you could say my regressive tendencies are a happy accident.
I've always had a weird relationship with the idea of regression... I liked diapers as long as I can remember. I remember being 6 and finding an old bag of diapers in my closet and wanting to wear them (and wearing them). I don't think I wanted to regress at all at that point. I think I was more fascinated with being put back into diapers as that age.

All through my childhood, everyone called me a "little old man" mostly due to how I carried myself and the things I'd talk about. But I always had a blankie... and plushies... So it was always a side by side thing for me. I think I always preferred more of a little kid with some babyish quirks vs actual baby. I always associated babies with a sort of stupidity, which was something I was actually kind of scared of. I mean when I was little I was afraid of becoming a teenager, because I thought teenagers were typically stupid... so I thought that was just something that happened to you when puberty hit... and hopefully it wore off some time later. >.<

Anyway, for me regression is simply enjoying the things I did when I was little... hugging my stuffed animals... cartoons... being a little excessively happy... and in that sense I've always been into that. I have a hard time seeing it as a separate mode though. I dunno.
I actually didn't think about regression at all until a couple of weeks ago. From the beginning I always felt 100% DL; it was always strictly sexual, and just involved diapers.

A couple of weeks ago I had kind of a breakdown because of school and graduation and turning 18, so I thought, "Well, maybe this could help me get away from my issues for a little while." My parents bought a fox kigurimi for my sixteenth birthday, so I padded up and put that on before I went to sleep. I also have this enormous (re: 5 or so feet tall) stuffed dog that I got for Christmas one year, so I plucked that out of my closet and cuddled with it the same night.

It seemed like all of my problems melted away; I felt like I had no responsibilities, and my thoughts stopped racing for the first time in years. I slept better than I had in months. I'm almost glad in a way that that breakdown happened, otherwise I may not have found my little side.
As far back as I can remember. I remember wanting diapers and looking for them. I stole a couple from friends and neighbors. I wanted badly to be comforted and would feel jealous whenever I saw cousins or friends being held and nurtured. My desires lessened dramatically for several years but returned in full force soon after. Steadily the desires increased over the years and I would make makeshift diapers out of plastic bags and swifter wet jet pads lol. It worked!

I also am diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, avoidant personality disorder and I have traits of dependent personality disorder that fluctuate with stress and when I regress in response to that stress.

I am a little kid at heart in a very scary world. And diapers provide comfort, nurture and safety that I (at this time) believe I lacked as a child.
I only started to get interested in regression recently. Earlier this week I got my first paci. Sucking on it makes me feel so calm, and so I've been thinking more about regressing. I hadn't actually considered it before. Tonight I plan on wearing my new diapers, sucking on my paci, and cuddling up with my big Teepo doll. I'm wondering if that will make me feel little.
I have always had the urge to be back in diapers since I was about 6. Whenever I would see a baby/toddler out in public I always asked myself "Why can't I be a baby again?" Only recently (the last year) have I looked more into regression and while I find it hard to get into the mindset completely it's getting easier the more little time I have. Now whenever I have a bad day or just haven't had little time in a while I just put on my favorite outfit (custom overalls and onesie) and just let the everyday worries and stress fall off and before I even realize it I'm playing and having fun. In my opinion it's the best feeling in the world.
I never was much of a DL, but I started to want to play make believe again when I was in High-school. Before that it was pretty socially acceptable to play games and make believe whenever I wanted.
I never remember actually wanting to regress, I just sort of slipped into childlike behaviour, but as since I actually came to realise and accept that I am a little I've felt the need to, but I've also regressed to a younger age.
I never really wanted to stop wetting at night and loved being in nappies. Now I am back in nappies and wetting the bed every night I couldn't be happier.
I would always try not to go down the diaper row when I was young because it made me really uncomfortable having to look at them for some reason. I treated the word "Diaper" as a curse word for most of my childhood too because even the word made me feel weird inside. Whenever a diaper commercial came on, according to my mom I would act disgusted at the fact that the child wasn't wearing a shirt and she would have to calm me down. During my late childhood years, 9/11 happened and all my previous stuff went out the window when I finally got to fulfill my desires after 7 or so years.
For as long as I can remember I've wanted to be able to act younger. One of the earliest memories I have is not wanting to give up my paci.
However because every one expects you to grow up I even to this day, avoid any thing while around others that could be considered childish; unless someone else around my age does it first. I find it amazing what others my age would and still will do. Like most recently I went to a lake in the middle of no where with a friend. There was a small playground there, so ended up playing on that for like an hour rofl. The odd thing is he is not an ab as far as I know tho does allot of things like this, that I would never do alone or first.
Honestly, wearing diapers and regressing go hand-in-hand to me. I believe that if it's wasn't for wanting to feel little sometimes I would have absolutely no desire to wear diapers. And it's the same whether it's diapers, sucking on a pacifier or cuddling with a blanket, it all goes back to regression.

As for when it was the first time I wanted to regress I think I was 3 or 4 years old. But it only became a more serious and stronger desire after puberty.
I would have to say I wanted to start regressing sometime in my early 20's. Don't remember exactly why but I'd always wore diapers prior to that so it may have been curiosity.

And for the user with the demon cat, where did you get the profile pic from? I know someone who needs to see it! :D
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