When Choosing a Professional Mummy and Nursery

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Hello All,

Something I feel is an important subject is that of littles who choose to visit a professional mummy. I remember plucking up the courage twice to inquire to a pro-mummy but when it came to having to ring her in person (one of her requirements), I lost my nerve. Like a lot of ABs, I really needed a mummy who could provide me with the right kind of care, which for me was a very young and vulnerable pre-verbal baby. I needed a mummy for whom the process wasn't an "act" nor did I want a domme who offered it as a bolt-on service. I wanted nurturing and comfort for my very needy and wounded little self; nothing even vaguely sexual at all. This narrowed my choices considerably for it seemed, in the UK at least, there were very few who could fulfill this role.

I want to share with you a page written by a pro-mummy who deeply understands the needs of her littles, loves and cares for them unconditionally and who has heard first-hand the bad, sad and sometimes disturbing experiences of those who have visited other pro-mummies in the UK. There is great advice in here about how to choose the right mummy for you; one that meets your needs, which as she also advises, may not be her. She has a procedure that is followed before any littles visit to make sure she is the right fit for them - not always.


I hope that this helps all those that consider visiting a pro-mummy. I know how terrifying it can be; it's expensive, it might involve travel, it's showing your most vulnerable side to someone you don't intimately know. Make sure your little gets what they need and deserve.


I've had more than a dozen professional caregivers over the past 25 years, and I've actually owned an adult babysitting service run by several young ladies.

Mummy Grace is a wonderful person and her message is spot on: Do some due diligence if you want to visit a professional caregiver, narrow your choices to a select few, ask the questions you have before you book the appointment and remember that you do have the power of choice, even when you're being treated like a baby or toddler!

Also remember that these mummies (and daddies, I suppose) run a business that is quite costly to operate and they don't have all the time in the world to respond to 'tyre kickers.' If you're going to approach a professional caregiver, be sure you're serious about booking a visit.

I guess I would add my personal opinion that every AB or DL should try a professional caregiver at least once. For ABs, there's few feelings like the vulnerability you experience when you allow someone to bathe or change you. For DLs, being changed by someone else can be a delicious experience.
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