What's your sexuality (or lack there of)?

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I've been wondering what the array of sexualities on ADISC looks like, so here we have this!

When I was a teen I identified as bisexual and a little later pansexual. Now I identify as demisexual and pansexual.

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Well put me down as unknown :p. I got no clue what my sexuality is :/. If I find out I'll be sure to tell you :).
I put bi on my profile, but I'm more gay like, if I put it on a scale, it'd look kinda like this: Straight----------bi----Me---gay.
as a kid and a teen People talked about the sexes, and I was lost to see what they were seeing in them, I tried to get involved with the sex but I would always draw a blank.
I date a girl for a 2 years but we just drifted apart just couldn't think about sex. it was in my late 40s that I found out what 69 meant.
I finally decided I'm asexual.
I identify as Gay.
I do know many other Autistic adults like me who are LGBT.
I'm pan-giraffe. I know. It's a bit of a stretch. Actually, I'm bi. I lived exclusively gay all through college, and identified strongly as gay, but several years later I met the woman who would become the mother of my children. When I look at porn however, it's always guys.
I more or less know mine, but I consistently fail at coming up with words to describe it succinctly.

At this point I'm more or asexual outside of my diaper fetish, but it's the kind of asexual that isn't bothered by the idea of having sex and would be totally fine with vanilla sex with a partner that I knew well. So...maybe questioning demi-sexual with a diaper fetish?

edit: Oh, I'm heteromantic, though. I like the idea of romancing women and don't want to do the same with men.

dogboy said:
I'm pan-giraffe. I know. It's a bit of a stretch.

There's a chance that I'm also pun-sexual. ^^
i'm ade, which you can take as meaning 'too much of a pragmatist to bother making needless distinctions which only lead to conflict'.
On the Kinsey Scale, I'd probably classify myself as a 1, maybe a 2. (For those that know about the scale)

That being said, I'm straight, never done anything with another guy. Not sure if I'd ever give it a try or not.
let's see here. I identify officially as bi. In high school I just thought I was strait and I thought there was only two ways of doing it. Your ether strait or your gay. there was a time I would fantasize about a boy back in high school that was in my Boy Scout troop. To this day I'm pretty sure he's gay. Anyway after that I questioned my own sexuality and I though oh could I actually be gay. I dated 3 girls in high school, but when I went to college and everything changed. I was hanging out with more gay people and I just felt more comfortable around them. I even started having a relationship with a guy. Sadly he left me since I was going to slow for him, but oh well. Now I identify as bi, but more on the gay side of things.
I've been straight for awhile and conceived into Asexuality but I feel transforming into a Heteroflexible type but later feels transforming into Heterosexual ...Yep, women are always on my mind.
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I identify myself close to Bisexual. Granted I have never been with another man, but my wife does like to try new things. [trying to be vague]
Bisexual, but mostly Heteroromantic
I have no idea how to properly label myself.
Its a mix of asexual, bisexual, and pansexual,(actually its more panromantic)

I score a X on the Kinsey Scale =/
Heteroflexible, or maybe bi. I don't know...but I'm definitely hetero-romantic.
Sex repulsed, diaper sexual (grey ace)
I'm Heterosexual, mostly.
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