What's your little side like?

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I realised that whilst I've spent lots of time on here discussing how being little makes me feel or the things I do whilst in that headspace, I noticed there's not that much chat about what our little sides are like in terms of personality and how we act.

So, is your little side generally noisy and excitable, or quiet and relaxed? Do you talk in an adult voice or babble and use toddler words? Do you play lots of games or prefer just watching kids TV? Do you see your littleness as separate to your adult self? And do you have a mental image of what your little looks like?

I'll start. :) My little is generally a bit shy but also very affectionate and a little bit mischievous. I play games or with my toy cars sometimes but prefer sitting with my plushies and watching Bing or In the Night Garden. I see my little side as quite different to my adult self, but not as a totally separate personality. And whilst I never really imagine what my little side looks like, my headspace can vary between that of an infant, a young toddler (most common) and a slightly older, more verbal toddler.

How about all of you?
For me when I do delve into my little side I tend to be a bit hyper and vocal. Mostly just watching parts of cartoons and before long finding myself glad for sippy cups especially since hyper and open end cups can be a bad thing especially around video game consoles. for me the headspace is generally between 3-4 years old while occasionally being a year or two younger depending on the mood I am in originally.
Boy, am I a giggly cuddlebunny! I'm also a bit of a clingy, needy, scaredy cat when I allow myself to touch bottom. I'm more emotional, the good ones and the bad, and all the stuff I can't let people know, comes out then. Words are only when necessary. Style wise, I'm me, amplified. It's soooooo giwly! It's all skirts, cute shirts, and pink, purple and yellow, or at least it will be, if and when I get some Little clothes! A big part of it right now is kiddy TV, but art, toys, and games are fun. My Littelness isn't entirely separate. I don't even have to try for Little voice, quite the opposite. I'm picky about my diapies. The prints gotta fit my needs and personality. It's like there needs to be enough, "me," in them, for me to know I haven't lost my mind.:lol: Go with cloth, and you can get exactly what you want.
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My little side is the same as me. I act grown up when I need to but otherwise I'm really shy in real life, generally pretty quiet, I can get through a day saying less than 10 words to other people (mostly I talk to myself). Yeah that's what I'm like. And I suppose that's my little side.
My little side is only seen by myself and my girlfriend. He is usually between 9-12 years old, (but can be younger sometimes), and doesn't talk a lot. As a "big kid", he is normal for his age, but does get too wrapped up in what he's doing sometimes and forgets to go to the toilet when he should, and wets his pants occasionally. He will know that he needs to go, but will delay it while he is playing, meaning to go soon, but then he is so focused on playing that he ends up having an accident.

When my GF and I age play, she likes to be a lot younger, around 4-5. When we play together, my little becomes whatever age she is at the time. These times mean he is more likely to be wearing a diaper or pull up. (note: we use Depends or Tena briefs and refer to those as our pull ups). When he is in this younger mindset, he seems to be a lot more verbal and louder, and talks in an age appropriate way. The biggest difference is he is much more prone to making a big deal about his potty habits, talking about how badly he needs to go, deliberately wetting himself instead of even trying to make it to the toilet, and using his pull up by laziness, like watching TV.

We have a scenario we play our a lot. We will be doubled up in our protection, and wearing our onesies or pyjamas while we watch a movie or TV. One of us will ask the other to pause it for a potty break, and the reply will be to just use your nappy, that's what it's for. So we will take turns wetting our pull ups while we watch each other do it.

But the older my little gets, the quieter he gets for some reason.
Myself - Profoundly withdrawn inward into myself, whether in Adult Mode or in "Little Mode".
I simply recoil from contact/proximity with other people.
I have a number of levels when I regress. If it's daytime and I have the opportunity to play with toys, I do that and really get into what I'm doing as if I was the little kid I once was. In the morning when I wake up, I sometimes regress to a one year old. I'll watch the Baby First channel and become very young, especially in what I may say, which would be closer to baby talk.
My little side mainly consists of playing with toys and making stories with them, because of that I have to be vocal and expressive, but the adult in me tries to keep quiet, so I don't disturb the other people living in my house.
A complete wriggler....or so my partner says :) she is constantly telling me go to sleep when I'm in little mode. I absolutely loooove snuggles ( that's not the name of my teddy btw... he's just Teddy... well not 'just' hmmm you know) I am a very happy little person, though I can tend to be rather timid and quiet when I'm and regressed during the daytime ... sort of clingy I guess (especially if I'm down the street with my partner ... incognito of course)

Like Dogboy said... waking up in little mode is the best..... trouble is it's always too early apparently :(

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oh...and the bib :blushie: that's cause I'm a bit of a dribbler..

and also, contrary to what anyone might say ..daLira.. :bleh: I don't like ribbons....
It's different every time, sometimes I feel very playful and active, playing with toys, jumping around and others I just want to snuggle with my stuffies, watch a movie or play videogames, but it's the best, pure happiness :eek:
My little side is extremely shy, EXTREMELY shy. But once used to people can be mischievous and overly excitable. Also very VERY fussy, if I don't get my way that is.
My little side is a loving and very trusting person. I'm still independent, but can be very needy at times. I have to protect this side of me with a dark and superior outer shell. Back to the subject at hand. My little side likes legos, coloring books, cartoons, candy, and of course diapers. On a good day if I regress I'm all over the walls, wanting to do everything under sun. I'm even more curious when I regress. My friends have had to tell me to shut up.
I like to think of my little side as just a little version of me, not a separate personality. That being said, little me is a lot different than adult me. For one I'm very affectionate and I LOVE cuddling with anything and anyone. I'm also very shy and get scared very easily, which is pretty accurate as I was very timid as a little kid. I tend to be extremely giggly which I love, especially when I'm watching spongebob. My teddy bear is my best friend whenever I'm in little mode. I'll talk to him a lot (he doesn't say much back though. He's shy), snuggle him, and play peekaboo with him, which I really enjoy. Whatever I decide to do, he never leaves my side. Whether I'm quiet or excitable is really dependent on the time of day and the mood I'm in, so I'd say I'm about both equally. I usually take on the age of a 2-4 or 5 year old, so my speech comes out a bit slurred and it seems to naturally have a higher, more enthusiastic pitch to it.
My little side is somewhere between 4-6 years old and as such is a Very Big Boy who can help other smaller kids, tie his own shoelaces very nicely and likes scary big boy things like scary TV series like Moomin, Wind in the Willows and likes big boy music like this band: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXhhlYdySqQ haha!
I like playing video games and running in the woods picking up bugs! Very active lil' one :)
Also, sometimes I get scared of a particularly mean video game boss, but still act tough after getting over it a bit, of course I wasn't *really* scared.
When I get little I just want to bottle fed to sleep and not get up and do anything. Basically I can't even talk yet so I'm completely dependent on the caretaker for short periods of time until I go to sleep.
My little side is pretty similar to my regular/adult personality. It's actually so similar that I will sometimes find myself completely regressed at work or really anywhere. It's not that I'm immature (at least I don't think I am) I've just gotten to a point where switching between has become so fluid, they've started to mesh together.
When I'm fully regressed I'm really quiet and introverted, which is how I am all the time, so I'll usually just hang out in bed and watch a movie or something with my bears. Luckily, I work by myself and only see a few people every day, so I can bring a teddy with me to work so I can just kick back, snuggle up and watch a movie.
I tend to be hyper when I'm in little mode. I'll squeal and run around in just a diaper and a t-shirt, only to collapse on my bed and snuggle my teddy. My good friend and "caretaker" says I'm a "squiggly wiggly boy" :3
My little likes activities like watching cartoons, coloring or just snuggling my bearie.
I'm in a cloth diaper, noisy plastic pants, a nursery print shirt with snaps on the left shoulder, and denim shortalls. I built a fort out of blocks this morning. I love my plushies. Mommy isn't awake yet, so I have to be quiet!
My little side is shy and quiet and loves to hug and play with plushies, suck on a paci and take naps. My little side is also needy and wants to have a mommy or a caretaker to take care of her.
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