What's your favorite song?

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I really have 3 favorite songs. From Heads Unworthy by Rise Against, Life Less Frightening also by Rise Against, and Rude by Magic.
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There may still be an active thread on this, but I'll bite. As a professional musician, I have a lot of favorites, but several always stand out when this thread rears its head.

Rocket Man by Elton John. Back when this song came out, I ran around, literally, hanging on to my best friend as he rode his Honda motorcycle. He called himself Rocket man, at the time. To be young and reckless is such a great experience if you can survive it intact.

She Talks to Angles by the Black Crows. I lived through my college years with a sever addiction problem. It was mostly marijuana, booze, pills, LSD and anything I could get to kill the pain. Pain is a universal feeling, especially for those of us who suffered from depression.

Angle Lullaby by Billy Joel. Now that I'm a father and a grandfather, I've realized the importance of family and connection. I love my daughter and I know that not only will I not be here forever, but that she will grieve my passing. I can't be in her life forever, but lullabies go on and on. Pain may be universal, but so is love.
I have two off the top of my head.

Wither by Dream Theater. The lyrics for this song describe so well the song-writing process, as well as the struggles and fear of your best creations crashing before you at the slightest hesitation. It touches me so deeply as a musician and composer.

Seize The Day by Avenged Sevenfold. This song has a lot of sentimental value to me since I shared it with a very close lost friend of mine.
I have a few as well

2112 by Rush.

Re:birth by Acid Black Cherry.

Hotel California by the Eagles.
There are some favorite songs of mine that I could list here:

Desireless -- Voyage, voyage (yes, a French song, but it's all about traveling across the globe and I keep encouraging myself to travel so that I can check out what's there in other countries and islands)

Dragon -- Rain (I play this every time it rains because of the impressive lyrics)

Rush -- Limelight

Solid Citizens -- Singing In The Shower (an Australian song from the 80s; I mean, what's so bad about singing in a hot shower in the morning/night?)

Coup D'Etat -- Dr. I Like Your Medicine (classic Kiwi song, talks about the risks of carelessness, I think)

Kim Wilde -- Kids In America
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