whats your favorite diaper to wear and why?

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Okay so my new shipments of diapers came in yesterday and so far I love the molicare super plus plastic back diaper and plastic pants over them that I ordered with the shipment what's y'all's favorite and why?
I like dry 24/7's, Bambino's, and Northshore Surpremes. They're all plastic backed so they crinkle. They have a high capacity and quality leak guards. The tapes are strong and haven't had a single tape failure on any in a while. I think they're all very comfortable to wear. The Bambino's do seem to have a slight edge in that area, but the 24/7's have a higher capacity. My ideal diaper would be a Bambino with the capacity of a 24/7 sold by Northshore.

Bambino's customer service seems to have gone down. The last 2 orders I never got a tracking number. The first order I emailed them and they sent me the number, but the last order they never even responded to me. Oh well I think my favorite is dry 24/7.
My favorite is Abena M4 with an Abri-let booster for lots of added bulk and some extra absorbency. Abena is my favorite because they fit me the best out of the other diapers I've tried, they have the best capacity for the price(Including boosters makes them a little pricey but very worth it), and the tapes and plastic backing rarely ever let me down. It's my go-to diaper for day and night and does the job very well.
Until recently, I'd have said the Tena Slip Maxi (the plastic-backed kind). They fit extremely well, are pretty absorbent, swell nicely, have a smooth, soft plastic exterior, and the tapes are pretty decent. Even the colouring is pretty nice.

Recently, however, I have fallen in love with the Snuggies Waddler Overnight, which is more absorbent, swells more than any other nappy I've ever tried, and has the most authentic "babyish" look of any nappy I have ever tried. Rearz and Comficare are great for the waddle experience, but a bit too thick when dry for my tastes. In my experience, a nappy doesn't really fit comfortably until after the first wetting.
Molicare Super Plus. The distinct plastic feeling is a personal thing I like.
Home-Abena M4 with booster- soft, big, crinkles, gets good and bulky, the embarrassing strips, and works really really well.
Out- Northshore supreme lite-crinkles, discreet enough, works well, and decent bulk but can still walk miles with no discomfort.
The Dependeco AIO reusable diaper. They come in all sorts of awesome designs and are super soft and comfortable.
The Dry 24/7's as they're only one I've tried so far that really just fit right.
Abena M4s are by far my favorite of all the diapers I've tried in more than 20 years of wearing and trying a lot of different brands both here in Europe and in the US. They fit me like a glove, have a good absorbency, a nice crinkly plastic, good tapes, a graphic design that I like, and they get from great to awesome by adding Abri-let maxi boosters to them. I'm wondering if one day I'll find a diaper that I like more than them!
Jbradshaw90 said:
Okay so my new shipments of diapers came in yesterday and so far I love the molicare super plus plastic back diaper and plastic pants over them that I ordered with the shipment what's y'all's favorite and why?
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I'm going to be the odd ball and say girls Goodnites.
When I wear I mostly wear depends protection with taps but my favorite diaper i have worn was a molicare super plus. It was far superior to any diaper I have ever worn before. I don't get to wear often but it was much better than I expected.
I have become quite fond of the ConfiDry 24/7, given its plastic backing, plain white appearance, and high capacity.
The best diaper I've tried is call id slip maxi. They are purple and I can really wear then all day, long work days, skiing etc and they haven't let me down so far, they absorb so much and distributes the pee all over the diaper very well.
I'm going to say the M4 by Abina. Mind you I'm new to this, but it's more comfortable than any of the other samples I've received so far. Nice and smooth cloth outside too. Also first diaper I ever wet, and first diaper I ever fell asleep in. After that, it's Comficare. Hands down. If I could get my hands on a case of each I'd be golden for a while.
My fave pull-ups are max-absorbency Always Discreet for regular wear and the new GoodNites for "special occasions". I also think that the new black Depend Silhouette ActiveFit are sexy, but are limited in usefulness.

I have an attachment to Depends Protection with Tabs, so in terms of redily-available (American) diapers, they're what I use.

My fave premium brand would have to be Northshore Supremes. Very thick, quite absorbent, and swell/bulk sufficiently. I haven't tried any of the ABDL themed diapers, so I might be missing out on something...
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