What's your experience of Little Space?


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Hi everybody

As we are all different i was wondering what Little Space feels like for you?

Also what do you do to make getting in to Little space/ trigers apart from diapers.

For me I have to plan the time i going to be in Little space this is different to the time I spend regressed when I get home from work, as although I can drop the adult mask and be my self, I don’t drop as far as I can as before long it will be bed time for me.

No I have to plan the time that I not going to work or have anything that need me to protend to be a grown up. That includes house work. For me Little space is more enjoyable with out a pile of washing looking at me.

Knowing that I am in Little space fully is when I'm totally relaxed in the moment, it hard to put it into words, but it is bless.

Anyway what your experience of age regression and Little Space?

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