What's your earliest memory of being in diapers?

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Snowfall said:
Just as the title says: what is your earliest memory of being in diapers? I'm just kinda curious to see what other ABDLs can remember about it. If you can't remember then hearing about one of your earliest memories in general would be interesting too.

For myself, I can remember laying down on the change mat in my living room and being changed, it's kinda a strange memory as it's very hazy but I can remember things like the texture of the mat and where it was in the room. I can also remember when I was old enough to be up and about, I'd hide behind the sofa if I needed to use my diaper (not really sure what that was about)

Bonus: Thinking about this has made me recall wanting to be in diapers when I was old enough not to need them, I have a fairly vivid memory of coming downstairs one morning in my pjamas taking out an old disposable diaper that was in a cupboard and sliding it into my pjamas, up against my bum so I could feel like I was wearing it.

So post below what memories you have :)

I can recall wearing Goodnites at a fairly young age for my bedwetting. About 6 or 7 years old. This was back when they were thick and solid white. They were part of the bedtime routine and I never really thought much of them at the time. That's my earliest memory.
I remember being driven home after my adoption. Also remember being pricked with a pin and mom feeling bad about it. At 41, my blankie is sitting on my bookshelf. It's all but rags now. I slept with it til I was 17 I suppose. Never made the connection with my fetish though. I knew there were probably more like me, but never dreamed of the AB side of things. I wonder if ABs growing up ever realized there were us fetishists out there!
I remember when I was roughly 3 and I felt like peeing and as I went, I saw the little princesses fade. I also remember when I was 7, mum woke me up in the middle of the night and changed me. The next morning, she told me I messed myself in my sleep and had put me in diapers for the remaining month just in case.
Earliest memory I have of wearing diapers is actually not wanting to wear diapers! I had to have been like 2 years old at the time. I remember my mom putting me to bed in my racecar bed (that thing was so cool!) and every night I'd take my diaper off and throw it on the floor. Oh how ironic, thinking back about it now! :smile: Clearly, things have changed!
For me it feels like I was only 1. I was simply running around the house not doing much except running around. I am not sure why I can remember that far back but I suspect it was the shock of dealing with sensory issues related to Asperger's as well as SPD that woke me up early I guess.
OK I remember me getting ready for bed their was a baby sitter their (family friends daughters I think) I was put in to a footie PJ I then went to sleep next morning was a blur but I remember the beginning potty training I cant remember myself in em but I can remember the time
the earlyist memory i have is stealing diapers form my cousins and likeing how soft they are
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