what's you nappy changing routine?


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I change every 4/5 hours even if my nappy is only half full. I use wash foam and dry wipes when at home. I change in my room and after cleaning myself and putting a clean nappy on I put used wet nappy in black bin liner. I normally have 4 wet nappies a day. I take bin liner out in the evening to main bin outside. When I have a BM I change right away, use disposable gloves and wash foam and dry wipes, I put used nappy in nappy bag and straight to outside dustbin. I spray room with frebreeze. I feel clean afterward BM when using wash foam and dry wipes. When out in public when needing changing I use adult IC wet wipes, I try and use disabled toilets to change. I have a raydar key to use the disabled toilets.

I think for me personally I found it easy being 24/7 for peeing and messing. I feel whole. I don't want IC. I like the idea don't get me wrong. I'm just very happy and content to wear 24/7 and wet and mess at the slightest urge.
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I change 4-5x a day
Diapers get balled up and put in garbage can.
If at home clean with warm water & wash cloth
out and about use wet wipes
shower every night

Getting new diaper on
Place booster pad inside make sure leg guards are standing up
zinc oxide cream
tape up diaper
if going out put on boxer briefs over top
then get dressed
if at home just a Tshirt
repeat many many times
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Usually 2 to 3 day or as needed !
A Fresh one before bed time .
1st thing in morning .
Lot of time at lunch time and or 3 pm in afternoon .
Rita said:
Lot of time at lunch time and or 3 pm in afternoon .
Do you not change again till bed time then? You change more earlier in day than later?
4-5 a day. My cg usually changes me in the morning, then I take a shower around mid-day, and put on a fresh one myself. This holds until the afternoon when she comes home. Than I might go through 1 or 2 more until bedtime were I get a fresh one. If its weekend and Im staying up late, maybe had a lot to drink, I will get a thick booster in my bedtime one so it holds up until next morning (sometimes 10-12 hours). Routine itself is the same. Clean (wipes or shower), lots of powder, diapered up, and lots of hugs and pats after.