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Whats up

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I am a diaper lover from AZ. I am new to here and I've been enjoying reading the forums :) I am a lover of LEGOs and i have my 'man cave' full of them to where im running out of room. I do love me some PS4 & PS3.Look forward to making some new friends.
Welcome dlphx! 21 posts already? Better late than never to make an intro! AZ is such a pretty state. Have you made a LEGO village or anything?
Hey and welcome. When you describe your man cave, I'm getting Lego movie flashbacks. Sounds like fun.
welcome and LEGO ARE FUN!!!

I'm also running out of space to put everything I have.
Welcome, What other interests do you have? not that legos aren't awesome enough hahaha :D. Do you like Arizona? I've never been there :/ but ive hear a lot of nice things. I'm guessing you don't play xbox since you play playstation, eh? :p
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