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What's up?

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How's it going, folks? I'm glad to have found a good diaper discussion site. My only internet connection is at my local library and a few years ago they blocked all adult-oriented sites. For instance, Daily Diapers and DiaperSpace are blocked. However, a few still get through the filter.

I'm a 32-year-old male in Pittsburgh who has had an interest in diapers since I was in grade school or so. When I hit puberty and started to become aware of sexuality, the idea of wearing diapers was something that turned me on. I would sometimes put towels in my underpants in secret in the bathroom to simulate the feel of a diaper. I can recall being aroused at adult diaper ads in magazines that lay around the home, especially two for Attends which showed drawings of a woman's midsection as she wore an undergarment and a full diaper, respectively. So as I grew up, the fantasy of a woman wearing a diaper was something that was very arousing to me and still is.

I didn't wear my first adult diaper until I was 22 and it was great. I have tried just about every brand of diaper available in the U.S. through ordering various sample packs. I didn't and still don't feel the need to wear diapers very often and only buy a bag or some samples once or twice a year. However, in recent years I have been slacking and I haven't even worn a diaper in about two years. I also have an enema fetish which developed in my teens but, like my interest in diapers, it's more the "idea" of doing it than actually doing it that interests me, if anyone knows what I mean. When I wear diapers I would consider myself a "diaper lover." I don't go in for the AB stuff but instead am more into the fit and feel of the diaper.

At some point I'd love to have a diaper "meet-up" with a woman just to play around. But I haven't made any overtures to anyone.


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Hey! Here's a new game: think of anything at all you would like to talk about,

some video game, or computer issue?
model rockets?
Afghani-Pakistani diplomatic relations and trade agreements?
How do I become a regular or use a certain feature, like what does an icon mean?
How the heck does someone get to 6 rep in 14 posts, while still a newbie?


- And I will locate a thread that talks about it or find an expert who has the answers you seek or someone into chatting with you about 67 Mustangs, the care and maintenance of plastic pants, how the rep system works, good memes and bad memes, - whatever takes your fancy.

And I can even tell you how you yourself can locate the goodies hidden in out of the way spots on ADISC!!

And not only me, but anyone should feel encouraged to help out with this guy's queries: EVEN FELLOW-NEWBIES!!
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