whats the diffrences (if any)between teen boy and teen girl drysnites


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i have always wondered this exact question
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I seem to recall the distribution of absorbant material is different.
Plus the design, obviously. I wonder if the cut is different too, that's not something I've thought about before.
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Without knowing the product I also assume they are tailored to the respective anatomy in terms of the positioning of the absorbent core.
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Not sure but teddy has the girls one his a boy teddy, can't really answer the question sorry
My understanding between boy & girl goodnites / drynites / pullups
even some adult male female products
Boys have more absorption material higher up by the front and for girls it's lower down.
But it's very minimal and some might only be marketing.
Its odd that we diapers sizes N to 6-8 are unisex then suddenly pullups & goodnites are gender specific.
Though off brand names seem to just make white for both boys & girls

might have to buy a pack of each and see how they differentiate
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Yeah, other than graphic design, I think the absorbent material is positioned optimally for male and female anatomy. Pull-ups for boys having the core positioned closer to the front, and pull-ups for girls having the core positioned farther down. It still puzzles me though, because goodnites and drynites are supposed to be worn for bedwetting, so I would assume both boys' and girls' products would have to contain sufficient absorbent padding towards the back (around the bottom) because people sleep lying down... 🤔
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SparkyDog said:
Its odd that we diapers sizes N to 6-8 are unisex then suddenly pullups & goodnites are gender specific.
Yeah! I never really thought about that until you said it.
US Goodnites eventually had slightly different positioning of the surge pad (shorter than the length of the diaper, more towards the center on girls, more up in the front on boys). The current UK DryNites don't seem to have this positioning difference that much, still farther up in the front even on girls. DryNites also don't have the double leak guards yet (and their absorbent capacity seems garbage compared to Goodnites).
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