What's the difference between a furry and a theran?

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If someone has already asked this, I apoligize! But my friend told me she was a theran (she doesn't know I'm a furry) and that it was different from being a furry. So, I'm just curious about why that is and what are the differences?


I believe you mean therian = )

Whereas a furry is a vague term for one who enjoys anthropomorphic characters, therians identify with actual (non-anthro) animals on a spiritual level.

Says WikiFur:
"Therians are people who believe that they are, in whole or in part, a non-human animal. That is to say that part of their core being is a non-human animal, be it spiritually, mentally, et cetera. Unlike furry lifestylers, therians do not necessarily try to outwardly project their animalistic nature, nor do they choose their animal side. They consider themselves to be an animal within, and do not generally give it a name, or use it as a game persona."

The best analogy I can think of is furry:therian:: sissy :transgender.
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I believe you mean therian = ) ...
...The best analogy I can think of is furry:therian:: sissy :transgender.

That was quite a good analogy
I myself am a Therianthrope, however I can only speak for my own views on it. .
I've found that it's difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is as there are different levels to it and different interpretations, similar to trying to define furry.

I'm spiritually inclined, I have a totem spirit, sometimes guardian, which is the species I connect with most on a subconcious level. For me its the ease with which I find mutual comfort around canines, wolves in particular.

my personal belief is that I was another, or more than one other spcies in past lives. While I accept that my current form is human I myself am not, have never been and am currently experiencing this life like I have all the other species forms so far. The canine link may be from my last life, or just the most prominent seeping memory from past lives, but for some reason most of my animal like behavioural tendencies, typical furry yips, growls and a fondness for nuzzling and stroking/scritching seem to me to be normal, acceptable and in a non sexual way, (for those who may jump to that incline of thinking) pleasureable.

It could also be the reason why I'm so involved in the furry fandom, though thats just whymsical conjecture. :p
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