What's in your AB/Little collection?

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What baby/toddler items do you have? what items are you planning on buying? and what are your dream items that you can't get (YET)? :) #QuestionOfTheDay

include anything (bottles, diapers, bed cover sets, sippy cups, toys, etc)

I have:

- 5 Pacifiers
- 1 pacifier clip
- 2 bottles
- 1 sippy cup
- Drynites pull ups
- Pampers size 6 (I don't wear them)
- Sofia the first bed covers
- 1 Onesie
- 1 sleeper (footless)
- 1 fluffy blanket
- 7 plushies
- 2 coloring books
- 3 sets of coloring pencils/pens

and I plan on buying more of pretty much everything and I really want to get some toys!

Also in my dream little world I would have a cot, carseat, stroller (not that anyone would be able to keep me in it very long) and a high chair..

I have Rexs and Ricys and Mabel the tortoise she has thee babby tortoises on her back.
I have my pacifier and backup pacifiers. Just realised I don't have a name for my pacifier. I'll have to think of one.
I have some toys. A jack in the box and Lego and a train set. And some marbles. ( no I haven't lost them yet.)
Colouring in books and puzzle box.
Lot of art things.
And I have my nappys.
And I have my overactive imagination.

Hee hee

>2x pacifiers, but I already chewed the teet of the other one.. time for an upgrade. :)
>Half a pack of Tena slips. Don't really use disposables nowadays, I like cloth diapers more cuz they ain't such a waste.
>2x cloth nappies. One with hello kitties, one with cutesy zebras. :3
>1x MLP onesie. That fleece is so soft and warm, it's barely everything I wear at home.
>1x imaginary friend with overactive imagination.
-5 pacifiers
-5 bottles
-2 footed sleepers (one of which I shrunk and don't wear anymore)
-2 onesies
-2 Blue's Clues DVD's

I don't count plushies as little items.
ClandestineWing said:
-5 pacifiers
-5 bottles
-2 footed sleepers (one of which I shrunk and don't wear anymore)
-2 onesies
-2 Blue's Clues DVD's

I don't count plushies as little items.

You forgot all your cuddle pants. :p
Plush cuddle friends an dolls
Baby toys, mostly teethers and rattles.
LEGO Blocks
MEGA Blocks
Wooden Railroad
KimbaStarshine said:
You forgot all your cuddle pants. :p

I felt those unnecessary to include. :p

Note said:

Adults can't enjoy plushies too? :p
I have

2 pacifiers
1 bottle
1 pair of footed pj's
1 MLP blanket
2 plushies
1 pair of plastic panties
1 cloth diaper
Plenty of girls goodnites and snuggies diapers

I do plan on getting more items in the future like a coloring books (which I really want right now) and maybe someday even a crib.
1 paci
1 bottle with a big nipple
1 japanse style plastic pants
1 plastic pant with sheep print
cotton / plastic sleep diaper with inserts
1 cotton training pants
a pack of abena xl diapers
1 white body
1 turquoise body
roll of diaper tape

a lot of zwitsal bathroom stuff :p
My bed sheets are fuchsia, and my comforter has brightly colored cartoony fish.
1 Minions sweatshirt
1 Fuzzy fuchsia sweatshirt
1 Kermit T shirt
1 Mutts comic strip PJs
1 Star and moon footed PJs
A cylindrical body pillow I call, "Sully Pillow," because it's fuzzy and looks kinda like Sully.
Scrrrrrruffy, my plushy dog
Kelsey Bear
a Precious Moments figurine that's a little boy in a wheelchair, holding a basketball, and when we moved, I asked mom to put him on the front of the shelf, so he could see.
If I can ever get the heck out of here, I'll buy the right sewing machine, and sew my AI 2 cloth diaper stash, or if not, have them sewn.
I plan to have an adult Jolly Jumper built.
As far as the thing I want, but can't make or have made, my perfect bottle. I described it on another thread of yours.
Oh, and that magic, "Take one, and understand and be okay with everything I want you to understand about ABDL," pill would be nice, too.
2 Pacifiers
6 Bottles
3 Sleepers
2 Crib Protector/changing pad
2 MLP Plushies (Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash)
2 Wipe Holders- 1 portable
1 pair of fuzzy socks
1 3/4 case of Med Molicare Super Plus
1 3/4 case LG Molicare Super plus
3/4 mixed case of ABU Space/Littlepawz
1 box Underjams Lg/XL
2 Pairs Goodnites tru-fit underwear
3 pkg Medium Tranquility Slimline
1 Pkg Abena L4
2 Pkg large Attends with waistband
3/4 pack Attends (old style, with micropore liner, not sure what year)
1 1/2 pack boy's Goodnites (2007)
2 pck MLP Training Pants 1 3-4T 1 4-5t (I like the prints, even if I don't wear them)
half pack of GN Sleep Shorts, Girls 2007-2008
1 Bag Depends Fitted Briefs
Some misc. diapers of other brands, left over from constantly restocking

I want to get some plastic pants, a couple of short sleeved onesies, a Paci clip and another paci or 2. I am also a little interested in getting some all in one cloth diapers.
- 1 Plushie (AB use and everyday use)
- 3 Nuk 5 Pacifiers
- 1 Bottle with Nuk 5 teat
- 1 Blankie with Horses on it
- J & J Baby Powder, Baby Oil, Daytime Baby Lotion, Nighttime Baby Lotion, Barrier Cream, & Baby Blue nitrile gloves.
- 1 Case of Bambino Classico's
- 1 Case of Bambino Teddy's (on the way)
- 1 Box of Goodnites
- 4 Pairs of Dependeco AIO diapers
- 1 Heavy Duty Plastic Sheet
- 2 Plastic Pillow Cases
- 1 Set of MLP Sheets w/ Pillow Case
- 2 Sets of Rainbow Dash Footie Pajamas
- 1 Box of Large Plastic Building Blocks
- 1 Bib
- 1 Pair of Baby Blue Plastic Bloomer Pants
- 1 Pair of Baby Blue Locking Plastic Pants
- 1 Pair of Shortalls
- 1 Onesie (White)
- 1 Pair of Generic White Lace up shoes (AB dress up use only)

I will add more if I think of anything else.
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50+ pacis
some clips (not using them often, but 8 I can have)
5 bottles
sometimes diapers
and some BDSM stuff.
5 Pacifiers
3 Bottles
2 Footed Pajama Onesies
2 Snap Crotch Polo shirts
3 Pairs of cloth covers plastic pants.
2 Drynights Bed Mats
and whatever diapers I happen to have. (2 Abena M4 and 2 L4)
I wish i could get more ABDL stuff. Because I still live with my parents I have to keep my stash quite small so I can still hide it.

Currently I have
- Lots of adult diapers, Tena Slip, Molicare, Attends, Tena Comfort and some pull-ups
- Some baby diapers (I dont really wear them, I just like to have lots of different diapers)
- Teddy Bear (I consider it an ABDL item since i usually play or sleep with him when I'm a little)
- Some girly, (not specifically ABDL) cute clothes I wear when I'm a little.
- 2 pacifiers and a bottle.
I also sometimes play with my little sister's old toys that we still have when I'm alone.
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