what's a must have on your diapers


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when wearing a diaper what do you have to have. example it has to be quiet
High capacity
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An all over or positional print
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Cute prints in pastels or white diaper with a cute printed landing zone.
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Doesn't leak when side sleeping.. sadly, I've yet to find one.
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A cute all over girly print and four sticky tapes not hook and loops
Tapes that work, and something relatively inconspicuous.
my diapers have to look suuuper cute! or at the very least be pink!
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The right plastic. I’m hard pressed to describe it but the ABU Barebum is the closest to perfect out there. If it was all white I’d corner the market or jack a truck during shipment 😂
Depends on the situation. I always want capacity that I can depend on without worries, and have a preference towards plastic backed with tapes. For wearing under clothes while out and about I need something comfortable and thin enough to fit inside my jeans. At home I like thick with cute prints! I'm also picky about plastic like @Subtlerustle . I usually wear Rearz and what I like is that even different prints in the same diaper type use different plastics, so each print is a different experience! Safari has the perfect feel to me :).
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Good standing leak guards that don’t break apart at the seams and front and back elastics. 😁👍
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Plastic backed with standing leak guards and a decent capacity
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Diapers must be a crinkly plastic, all white or girly print........
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I have all kinds of diapers in my collection and I will wear each and every one of them. But as for preference I like hook a loop fasteners , high capacity , and tall leak guards so I can use a booster or two
Cute designs and thickness. Velcro tapes are a big plus :)
White plastic backed
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The thicker the better, not so much for how long I can wear them, but rather I'm trying to waddle or crawl like a toddler. LOL
Plastic-backed diapers with sticky tapes and having either blue/boyish prints or pink/girly prints.
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It needs to have both high overall SAP absorption AND be able to channel moisture to dry parts of the pad.
I dunno. What's the diaper equivalent of fahrvergnügen? LOL.

But I'm kind of serious, actually. I'm always tempted to answer questions like this with things like "babyish" and "feminine," and indeed those are contributing factors, but there also plenty of diapers that are those things and yet hold zero appeal (for me). As well, there are things like prefolds that are strongly babyish to me because of my particular childhood experiences, but aren't innately babyish in ways younger people can easily relate to. Basically, it all comes down to: I'll know it when I see/wear/use it. :)

Despite that, my preferences are kind of all over the place, spanning disposables and all varieties of cloth diapers, so in practice I'm not exactly hard to please. It would probably be simpler to list things that are complete turn-offs for me, and there's really only one: Anything overtly medical in appearance.
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