What would you do if you had a Dollhouse Doll?

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Ok so this I'm a late watcher of the amazing Joss Whedon series Dollhouse, given that it was cancelled after 2 seasons 2 years ago but having joined netflix I found the series and the premise of programmable people living in a place called a Dollhouse spoke to the little in me.
For those that haven't seen it I recommend watching it, the show revolves around a doll or 'active' code named Echo, who starts to become self aware and after being 'imprinted' with a number of different personalities, slowly she learns more and more about being a real person not a Doll, starting off as a completely insolent acting drone and turning into a whole collection of people that function as one. I suggest you look up Dollhouse on Wiki because I can't really do it justice, but be aware there are spoilers.

So anyway people go to the Dollhouse if they need someone to do a job who won't renegade, or to fulfil fantasies, which leads me to the question, what would you do if you had a Dollhouse Doll? It can be anything legal or not, moral or not. Would you choose a male or female doll, or would you like more than one? Would you use it to fulfil an AB/DL fantasy or something more imaginative? The Dolls are at the peek of their physical excellence but they cannot do anything humans in general are not designed to do (ie no super powers) other wise let your imaginations run wild.

Note: I'm not sure that there is much talk about specific shows other than AB/DL in the media and popular culture but I thought this might be a fun question to ask.
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