What Would Make My LG Happy

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When you're in baby mode, it's easy to think of all the things that would make your LG happy. Here are some of the things that would make my little girl (me) happy.

  • to be kept in diapers as much as possible, including wearing diapers in public, if it can be done discretely.
  • to have frequent diaper checks, including public diaper checks, if it can be done discretely.
  • to have my diapers changed as soon as possible after I wet them.
  • to have my baba or my pacifier to suck on during diaper changes.
  • If my diapers are removed for any reason, such as to take a shower, to be put back in diapers as soon as possible.

Baby Talk
  • to be talked to like a baby or a little girl. For example, "what a good girl!" or "how's my baby girl this morning, is she wet?"

  • to suck on my pacifier.
  • to have my pacifier or the nipple of my bottle pushed between my lips.
  • to be given a warm bottle of milk to suck on.
  • to be breast fed.

  • to be hand-fed baby food from a jar using a small baby spoon (my favorite baby food is warm, Gerber strained peaches).
  • to be hand-fed from a baby bottle of warm milk.
  • to wear a bib when I'm fed because more food ends up on my face than in my mouth.

Bed/Nap Time
  • when I'm ready for bed, to be put into my thick night diapers.
  • to be put down for a nap or put to bed with my pacifier, my tickles and my teddy.

  • to use anything that is normally associated with an infant or toddler girl such as a rattle, hair ribbons, teething rings.
  • to be cared for in my own nursery with a crib, changing table and a closet full of pretty dresses.

  • to be dressed like a toddler girl.
That's not a bad list, I would like something very similar (although I don't particularly like warm milk).
I would add something like this:


- Caregiver (Daddy in my case) playing pretend with me. Tea party, dressup, ect...
- Supervised art projects and coloring books with crayons. Or Daddy helping with sewing.
- Outdoor time in an secluded park like area (In my case, on my property with a fort/swingset)
- Quiet time while being snuggled and watching tv or having a book read to me.

A few other things would be changed like breast feeding, or being changed as soon as wetting, but I really like the helpless feeling of a lot of bulk and squish. And, I would add discipline as well, but that's not a subject I really want to get in to.
I really like that list, I would like the majority of the things on that list to happen to me. The only thing I would not like would be being fed from a jar of baby food.
All these things, sound, awesome.
I would probably dislike the breastfeeding, however.
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