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I'm gonna get some XL goodnites tomorrow cause I know they'll fit well.
i can fit in the small goodnites decnt but they re bit snug.
I'm a 29 waist/32 hip
I'm gonna get some pampers too so the big question is baby dry 6's or Cruisers 7's. I figger one of em will fit cause I can wear the small Goodnites and if not I can use em for stuffers for the xl Goodnites.

Which one will be the better fit?

Oh. I should add that I'm 6', about 140 and pretty slinky.
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Wow! 6' and only a 29" waist. Jealous here, lol, but primarily because you can still possibly fit in a Pampers 6 or 7 ok. I am looking to buy 7s, but as stuffers for my adult diapers, and I'm only a little over 5 feet. I think 7 would be a better bet, because they are designed for a slightly older child and would probably be able to hold more. I don't really know for sure, just an educated guess there.

Oh, and welcome to ADISC :). Feel free to introduce yourself in the Greetings forum.

Enjoy your Goodnites and Pampers, I know I would
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