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  1. Diaper Lover
Hello everyone,

I am DL and today I started wearing Always Discreet underwear, which is kinda like Tena pants. But I don't only wear diapers for fun, i recently got incontinent. And at this moment i am sitting at my desk at my internship and I just had an accident. The pants got swollen up really bad and i am pretty sure everyone can see my pull-up under my jeans. What do i do now??? It started out as something exiting but now its not fun anymore.

I really doubt that your Always Discreet underwear has swelled up enough that anyone at your work notices. You are most likely just hyper-sensitive to being in a wet diaper in public. I have work Always Discreet many times. Most of the bulk up is in the crotch, not in the seat of sides. I am quite sure you are ok, and your secret is still probably safe. Take a minute to excuse yourself to the restroom. Change into a dry one, and no one will likely ever say a word to you. Always Discreet are just what their name implies. "Discreet".
Thank you! I was probably overreacting. But I wasn't expecting the pants to swell up that much so i was wearing skinny jeans. But also because I didn't have a dry one with me.. but no one said a word so I guess no one saw it.
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