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Hey everyone :)

So just today while I was out doing some shopping I got a package delivered at home. Yes I live with my mum and she accepted it and opened it. It contained a few bags of diapers and when I got home she confronted me about it and I just automatically said they were for a friend. While I am unhappy that she opened my package I am also quite unsure what to do in this instance?

I usually hide all my supplies pretty well and she has never known so far until today. I am not sure what to say to her as she is a very hypocritical person.
Well xprototype,
if you're in a precarious situation like this,
you should just tell the truth to your mother about your life, and try to make her understand about yours.

But, talking if you still live with your mother,
you're not under age of 18 years right?, please pay more attention to your situation and the circumstances, because this would be very dangerous for you in the next day

"doesn't mean to interrupt you"

Well...you're in a pickle for sure. I think you may have to just tell your mom about it and hope she understands. Otherwise, your best option may be to make a plan that allows you to move out.

Good Luck.

There's no hard and fast rule. Go with what you personally think will have the best chance of working in your situation.
You could start the conversation something like: "Hey mom, something was bothering me about what you did the other day and I wanted to better understand your actions. Do you always open packages that are not addressed to you"? If she says yes, ask her why. I am not sure of your age, but she should respect privacy about others mail. Does she open your letters as well? I am concerned of this living arrangement if she feels she still has the right to do so. It's easy to make an excuse like you did already, one time, but it will seem strange a second time. So if there is no clear understanding about privacy in general (perhaps you may order a gift for her as a surprise, what then?), you need to either find other living arrangements or you will forced to get a mail box at your local post office or other location.
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She opened a parcel addressed to you? That's illegal and she should not have done that, in doing that she probably has found something that she didn't want to, don't panic though, now that she has found them you may want to come clean
Your Mother shouldn't have opened your package. And just like with all lies, your story that they are for your friend could end up digging you deeper. I personally would play a confident and strong role by saying "Mom, why would you open my package? This is none of your business." And even though technically it somewhat is her business, because you live under her roof, she may back off.

There are other ways to order diapers besides ordering them directly to your Mom's house. Plenty of these methods have been explained many times here on Adisc, so you should search for a better method that works for you. It looks like you may have some explaining to do to your Mother though..
"confronted" covers a lot of ground? Was it like, "So what is this then?" Or was it a more direct like "Why are you wearing these?" Maybe a little more detail on the precise conversation is in order.
Kaliborio said:
There's no hard and fast rule. Go with what you personally think will have the best chance of working in your situation.

I think this applies here. Not being sure of your age, if you are on the young side, like 18 or 19, I'd wait to see if she brings it up again. She's probably not believing your story that you bought it for someone else, but if she says nothing, she's probably at least. tolerant toward your wearing diapers.

If she is disturbed by this, you probably will have to educate her on why people such as ourselves enjoy or need to wear diapers. She may have all sorts of misinformation and you don't want her to think horrible things about you.

If you are in your 20s, she needs to respect your boundaries and accept that you are a mature adult. You still may need to educate her for the reasons given, but keep your cool and be confident. If she sees that you are comfortable with this, it will be easier for her to accept the reality that some of us are compelled for whatever reason, to wear diapers.
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