What should I get?

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My friend is taking me to baby r us for diapers but idk which to get baby suggestions?
Well, do you fit in baby diapers? What are your specs (waist size, weight, height)? Do you like pull-ups or regular baby diapers?
Personally, the only baby diapers/pullups I can fit into are Pampers Baby Dry, Pampers Cruisers, Pampers Underjams, Huggies Goodnites, and Luvs. Other than the Goodnites and Underjams, I have to use extenders to make the others fit. My favorites are Pampers Baby Dry, Luvs, and Goodnites. Underjams tear to easily on the sides and Pampers Cruisers don't fit as well.

I've never tried any store brand baby diapers, so I can't help you if you wish to try any of them!
Given you haven't listed your waist there are only a few options - and the others have sorta touched on it. Babies r us is one of the only places that physically sells pampers size 7. If your waist doesn't exceed 30" it may be viable option. They are not very absorbent by adult standards but they are babyish...which is a plus. Also XL goodnites are also good one if you're waist doesn't exceed 32"...and that's pushing it.

If you are looking for absorbency you will be disappointed...but the babyish factor is high.
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