What should I do about my living situation.


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I know I come here for advice a lot, but I have nowhere else to turn. My house is becoming to cramped with my grandparents now living with us. I don't have the money for my own place. I'll never be able to work full time because of my anxiety and depression. I'm not sure what to do. I'm thinking about trying to find someone who would room with me preferably an AB/DL/IC person so I could wear without ridicule, but I don't know anyone who meets that criteria who would want a male roommate. I need to find someone who's in my age range, and as far from home as possible. What should I do?


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I'm sorry to hear about your housing situation... It's a very tough situation to be in (to say the least). In my opinion, this issue of moving out has a solution but it's going to take some effort and patience to do it. The biggest key for you to be able to move out is getting some kind of an income.

In terms of the housing situation, I've seen several members on this site put up different ads for rooms that they are willing to rent. However, the people that put up these ads fit the criteria of being far from your parents, but they aren't in your age range. I believe that the user that goes by the name "ESPF" has put up several ads for it... they are out of your age range, but you can try messaging them if you are interested.

The truth is that it will be a bit difficult to find someone to room with if you don't have at least a part time job or freelance job. In terms of the money situation, there are still some ways that you can make some money to help you in your journey to move out of the house even if you can't work full time. From what you've posted in other threads, you seem to be quite knowledgeable in coding and programming. In this day and age, those are quite valuable and marketable skills. You may want to consider some freelance web design or programming work to get some cash. Freelance jobs don't really require a college degree. If you are considering freelance work, it could help to start branching out to local small businesses and offering them your assistance (at a low/no cost) with web design or other programming jobs. Doing this help you build a portfolio, gain experience, and attract bigger jobs. At the very least, freelance jobs could help you get the protection you need. The benefit to freelancing is that you can be your own boss and you can take on work on your schedule and needs.

This is a link for a list of freelance jobs websites: https://www.ryrob.com/freelance-jobs/
This is a link for a list of things you can do to make money fast: https://www.dollarsprout.com/how-to-make-money-fast-100/

The last thing that I am going to suggest is SSI/SSDI disability benefits. I'm not sure whether you have looked into this or not. As you're living here in the States, I'm pretty sure that you've heard of this. Seeing that your mental health conditions prevent you from working, this may be something to consider or look into. I can't offer you exact advice as I don't know your family situation in terms of family income, the amount of time that you've spent working, and the fact that I'm not a disability lawyer/advocate or anything like that.

Anyways... these are my suggestions to you. I hope that I've been helpful... even in a small way. If this is advice that you've tried and been given in the past and didn't work out, I'm sorry that I didn't bring something new to the table. Feel free to message me if you have anymore questions or just need someone to vent to.