What pulls your trigger?


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What just really compels you or ( pulls your trigger ) to want to diaper up or get your inner baby on .
I’ve been a DL all my life I don’t always act on my compulsion but what really does it to me is stress , cooool weather, a lovely girl next door type of woman in a diaper , or a lady graciously calling me baby , or Hun .
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Sometimes I feel bored and I go for it. Others, I want to have some pleasure and I diaper up. Although the most intense moment is when I feel very stressed or sad and I have a break.

Many times I did messy escapades or slept diapered when the last kind of events happened.
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Stress is my biggest trigger. Sometimes I can go a while and not really think to much about any of this - but - the moment stress hits, this becomes my security blanket you could say.
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Chatting with other littles is probably the easiest way to motivate me to enjoy some time being diapered. Boredom is another one that often strikes when I'm solo. Another motivator is if I'm going to hang out with local little friends in person.
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Stress, some disease for example flu, fever. When I was younger and drank too much, being hungover was a big trigger.
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Personally I find when a stressful event happens in my life, my little side actually takes a step back and allows me to deal with the situation in an adult mindset. After a couple of days have passed that's usually when I feel a strong urge from my inner baby to take note, find comfort and get padded up. That helps alleviate any lingering stress or feelings of anxiety.

I think it's important to tackle a given situation before running away to a different mindset, however it can be very therapeutic to indulge, once a situation has been dealt with.

Other than that I like to schedule 1 day per week to take care of all my little needs otherwise day to day life just becomes really challenging.
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I have been a custom to wear for some time now. When Abbie give me nice comments it does made me feel better about wearing, She does also know how to melts my heart 🥰
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Honestly the biggest influence is getting stuck waiting for the bathroom for like 2 hours every morning LOL but also anxiety/stress and talking with other ABDLs (especially specifically about diapers) will make me want to wear, too.
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Long. Boring. Meetings.
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Stress, which for me is almost any “unusual” activity or event — medical appointments, family visits, legal holidays. Fear of illness and dying (not death per se) and angry outbursts from my wife, who suffers the same stresses, but is not a DL, can trigger me as well. Too little sex, because my sexual needs are vastly different than my wife’s, often put me in pull-ups or leads straight to very wet, soiled panties and pants, and masturbation, which leads to shame and guilt and more stress. And yet, believe it or not, I am far more accepting of my sexuality now than ever before in my life!
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If I am in genuine distress, little space will not come to me. If I maybe had a not so great day, though, it’s always a relief to get padded up and melt into a little state of mind.
My triggers are mostly positive it seems. Eating a really yummy meal, getting dressed up, putting my hair in pigtails, feeling the sun on my skin, wrapping myself in a blanket, being around my friends (though they don’t know of my little side), someone doing a simple action for me (like buttoning up my shirt or playing with my hair or pouring something for me), all can make me feel little or have my little side come out. A lot of sensory things like certain smells or feelings like certain soaps or bubble bath or lotion, grass beneath my feet, the smell of crayons, the texture of toys like a really soft plushie, obviously the act, feeling, and everything associated with diapering (especially if someone else is doing it), etc.
I’m coming out of a bit of a rough patch and I wasn’t able to regress for most of it. I go through periods of resentment for my little side when I am in a not so great place mentally. I feel bad for her when I do this, because she is just showing me myself at my happiest and most comfortable and most in tune with myself and my surroundings, and I shouldn’t punish her for that.
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life pulls my diaper trigger 🤣🤣

Honestly I wear 24/7 because if I didn’t I would t feel like myself.
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For me, it just pulls itself sorta. Though I tend to wanna diaper up mostly when I'm just home, exhausted, just wanting to relax.
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lilbabyjooce said:
…My triggers are mostly positive it seems….
That’s true for me as well. I’ve often wet myself on purpose while walking home from a good movie, play, concert, or dinner out with friends. While I hate cold, dark, rainy days, I love to go for walks on warmer nights when it’s raining heavily. Nothing like contributing a bit of “yellow water” to all the runoff, along with that sensational feeling of flooding your panties and pants.

Deciding to enjoy my fetishes is like a drinker“s decision to drink: “My team is in the finals: I’m gonna have a drink!” Or, “My team didn’t make it to the finals. I really need a drink!” Or, “My team lost, I guess I’ll have a drink.” Or, “My team won, I should have a drink!” Or, “My team tied, I need a drink!” As the sailor said while accepting the invitation of a prostitute who looked like Methuselah’s sister, “Any port in a storm!”
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I just got back into diapers a few days ago after not wearing since January. This is the longest time I have gone without being in a diaper for years. But last Sunday night, I needed to wear a diaper to bed. I was feeling anxious and being in a diaper helps me manage my anxiety.

I have physical therapy tomorrow, and I know I would not wear a Bambino diaper or even my everyday Abena diaper for that. So I just used Instacart to have a package of Depends delivered. They are normal enough that I'm not worried if the PT person sees them. So now I feel good about being able to have a diaper on and also not draw a lot of attention to it.

I also haven't been on ADISC for a while, and it's really nice to come here again.
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For me little space is a fairly new concept ( I was a DL up until then) For me I think diapers themselves trigger it for me naturally, being in a toy section of a department store, smells like baby powder definitely trigger it, soft warm blankets, and probably any period of time where I have the rest of the day to just relax and mellow out, will make me want to pad up with a stuffie under my arm.
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Well I'll tell you what. If you're away from home for 3 or 4 months, when on your way back home, you know you're gonna break out the baby powder and oil, and get your favorite diaper on as fast as you can! When I work the fish seasons in Alaska, I'm gone for around 4 months every time. It really sux not having any diapers for that long, but I still love it up there, because it takes me away from my comforts and I enjoy the craziness of it all. That 1st diaper when I come back is usually my favorite one.
Another trigger you might say is absorbing abdl content online while knowing you have a thick diaper waiting for you right there and you haven't worn for a few days. The baby powder will feel nice and silky when you tape the 4th tape and know you're protected by tight leg guards and soft absorbent padding all around.
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Many things can trigger my nappy desires apart from just wanting to wear them including reading posts on this forum or watching a wetting/messing video with or without nappies being worn.
Although I feel more calm and relaxed in a nappy I don’t automatically go for them if something stresses me out, I usually work through the stress issue first.
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It’s really kind of strange for me , I couldn’t tell you how many times a day that diapers pop into my head . It’s like having a giant billboard with the word diapers printed on it glaring me in the face everyday fading in and out of my consciousness.
The strange thing is I rarely act on it or feel compelled to do so . I can go days, weeks or even months without really being compelled to wear a diaper.
When I was younger the desire was often times so compelling that resistance was futile.
I have aged now to 58 yrs, time and experience has changed me. I am still fond of the DL part of myself , it’s like an old friend that’s there to chat with when feelings get to intense.
I feel as though sometimes the anti depressants I have been on for now about 20 years may be the culprit to blame for my lack of appetite to wear diapers but , that’s ok I accept everything that I am and the experiences and events that have brought me to this place in my life.
As the Grateful Dead put it life is a long strange trip .
Acceptance I believe frees your soul and well maybe with the help of good drugs and some friends to talk to .
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All are wonderful replies, it seems a though we all crave the intoxicating aspect of this part of ourselves.
I find a part of my own feelings in every ones answers .
Never torture yourself about this side of who you are .
All and all we are mostly good folks with an innocent kink that helps us make it through life. You just got to say to yourself “Oh well it is what it is’’and get on with your kinky self .
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