what our toys get up to when we not there and they come alive.

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Hi everyone.

I had this idea which I think will be fun.

Taking photos of what our toys get up to when we not there and they come alive.


This is a photo of Rex looking through one of my puzzle books.

So what do your toys get up to.

Hee, heee


I have a rubber car who loves to bathe in my washing powder. I dont like it when he does that.



just got home from playing, and Rex was chasing Rick the Raccoon around the bed room floor.


Rick is not as cuddly as Rex is, so he spends alot of time on the window shelf looking at the Gardon. But he does get played with a lot.

Rick and Rex are best freands. As you can see.


My sister's kids (4 and 6) have loads of toy figures. One of the things I love to do when I stay, after everyone's gone to bed, is to arrange them in an action scene.

Last time, I recreated a fight over a large sleeping doll in a crib, while smaller dolls an animals looked on from window ledges and the mantlepiece. Captain America and Batman were standing on each side of the crib, throwing punches at each other, while a giant Iron man advanced towards them, holding a terrified Barbie aloft. Little Spiderman and The Hulk were attacking/wrestling him as a distraction, while Action Man had climbed atop the fireplace tool stand, and was reaching out to Barbie trying to grab her hand and pull her to safety. Their hands were millimetres away! Oh, the suspense!

He he. It's fun to let your little side play!

Rex was very up set with me becouse i put him in the washing machine.
He has been soaking for a few days.

But I have giving him lots of hugs and now he smells like Rex again.

when i got home yesterday I found Rex on my running machine.


"Grrr Woof woof.!"

Rex said that he got board waiting for me to taking him walkies.

So You decided to take himself.

Ha ha! I remember going out into the garden when I was little and seeing all my teddies hanging on the washing line by their ears! I could feel them all glaring at me. Who would do such a thing?! "Muuuuuuuum!!!" :cursing:
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