What is your favorite thing about being an ABDL?


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For me, it's going to a baby's headspace: Wearing and wetting diapers, sucking on a pacifier, and eventually eating baby food, drinking from a baby bottle, and so much more! ( I have recently gotten into ABDL, so I haven't done much yet, and I can't do it all of the time because I live at home, but once I get my own place, I will wear diapers all the time and do baby activities constantly!) 🥰
That’s simple… EVERYTHING!!!

No but really I love every part of being a little. The thick crinkly diapers, the cute outfits, the comfort, all of it! What isn’t to like??
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Diapers. Hands down, diapers 😊
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Feeling like a kid again. Its like a drug. Getting even the smallest hit that gives me even the tiniest taste of the impossible thing I dream of and wish for most of all in the whole universe.
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Saw this question asked a couple months ago. So this is just me repeating my answer.

How much putting on a diaper and being in little space just sooths the soul.
Still being able to fit size 7 infant diapers, and wear kids size clothes, footwear, etc.
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Basically the same as you: Diapers, bottles, pacis, everything.
Being a baby, cute outfits, diapers (dry, wet AND mess), bottles, pacis, bibs, TOYS!

And AB friends!!!
Not having a care in the world when I get padded up before bed and snuggling up with my plushies in little space. Also, it is so enjoyable taking it as a break from adulting and letting stress wash away.
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Being ABDL for me is mostly about managing my mental state and my desires. I could be a lot of different things, but I just happen to be ABDL, among other things.

I suppose my favorite thing is that I understand my needs and have little guilt about meeting them. I don’t want to slip into monomania and make this or any one thing the only important thing in my life, so I don’t romanticize “the best part about being” whatever I am.
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Diapers of course.
I'm not AB but I am in the ABDL category.
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Wetting nappies and also how close it makes me feel with my GF (Caretaker)
Not having a care in the world when I get padded up before bed and snuggling up with my plushies in little space. Also, it is so enjoyable taking it as a break from adulting and letting stress wash away.
Absolutely a way to let the stress go
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The innocence of being a baby and just letting the stress of being an adult flow out of you and into your diaper 😍
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I love wearing and wetting diapers. It makes me feel really little. I love watching cartoons, drinking from my bottle, eating baby food, snuggling with my stuffies, being talked to like I am little, and just basically everything about being little. I love being able to just forget about all the yucky adult stuff, and go back to a simpler time for me.
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Absolutely the sense of relaxation it brings. It’s a fantastic way to settle my mind and being after a stressful day at work or otherwise, a call back to the far less responsible years of youth
As long as I can go about the day wearing cloth diapers and rubber pants and go potty in them whenever I want to, I'm a happy camper and nothing can phase me. Love how childish and even immature I feel when I go potty in my diapers and walk around anywhere in wet diapers and rubber pants.
Playing! It's fun! Culture in general says adults can have fun doing very specific things and we have to grow out of other types of games and toys. I think that's lame.
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Messing, it's the ultimate form of padded pleasure for me. Unlike when I go to the toilet, where everything is fast, I go nice and slow while wearing my diaper.

I can surf on the Internet, go for a walk and do whatever I want while I take my time to fully void. I don't have to worry about hemorrhoids because of sitting, as I just bend a bit at most, and I get a nice warm sensation in my back during and after the process. Diapers also help containing the smell and doing it outside masks it even more, so I only get a weak one most of the time! 😊

It's specially enjoyable when I also wet myself afterwards, and after getting clean, I feel great and full of energy, and I even get very excited for the rest of the day, and if it was really good, it lasts for the next one too 😍

I enjoy going to sleep with my diapers, cuddling with my plushies and weeing, and I would wear them just for doing those things... but messing is in a completely different level.
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Expressing my true childlike self and having a reason to live because I love being little so much
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