what is your favorite sippy vp cup or bottle?

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So mostly I use sippy cups specifically the spill proof ones most of them have a part that allows them to be spill proof, however I find this stops you from being able to get all of your drink, I have tried one where is t was natural built into the spout but so some reason I had trouble closing it properly and the drink would often spill out of the sides,

So do you use bottle or sippy cups or both? what are your favorite sippy cup or bottles (do you have a favorite brand) do you suggest any good spill proof ones?

And does anyone know if there are any glass sippy cups?
What I generally use is essentially a Sippy Bottle, which feels sufficiently babyish, but is also fairly easy to drink out of. I find using a bottle takes forever to actually get much liquid, unless you extend the hole in the top, which I don't really trust myself to do without wrecking the nipple. So, in answer to your question, this is what I'm usually drinking out of when in little space:

I picked up these thermos-like cups at Kroger with hard spouts, they're almost as big as a normal drinking glass, but they have things like Finding Nemo and Disney Princesses on them. They're perfect for me because they hold more liquid than your usual sippy cup but are still really cute. I go through a lot of water. For some of them I had to cut a larger hole into the spout though, so the liquid would come out easier.

As for bottles, I stick to these really little 3 ounce ones, because with the tiny hole in the teat, it still takes forever to drink. I only drink a bottle when I need something to soothe my stress before bed.
I have two Playtex sippy cups with the "Cars" Disney movie theme. They work quite well. I take the leak proof part out of them so they flow better.
Depending on my mood and what I am doing, I will use a bottle or a sippy cup. In general I prefer a bottle but really, I am comfortable with either one.

I don't have a specific brand or type that I like but I did enlarge the hole in the bottle nipple to get a better flow rate.
I like Nuby sport sippers
I like to use the bottle I got from babypants a while back and it still suits me and I like to use it whenever I am being little. Sometimes I'll just use it because I just want to use it.
Bottles all the way. :D
I use a nuk active cup myself. Kind of a cross between a bottle and a spouted sippy with a soft nipple. Greatest thing ever imho.
I own a vast collection of baby bottles and sippy cups. I have even acquired a number of vintage ones with electric warmers from the 1930's on. For shear fluid volume ans ease of use I enjoy my Nuby sippy bottles best. I have several in three sizes both with and without the side" handles: cap,
I am only allowed to use a bottle.
My favorite sippy cups are my Disney princess ones.
I very rarely use sippy cups, and almost always stick with bottles. I only drink from them when I'm feeling little, and when I'm little, I'm still at that age where I need to drink from a bottle still c:
I use sippies and, rarely, I'll take a bottle. I currently have a white Gerber First Essentials bottle and some Gerber Graduates/Nuk Fun Grips sippies, which are spill-proof and break-proof, at least according to the manufacturer. I have tested the spill-proof part, but not the break-proof part. The flow rate on the Fun Grips isn't super slow, but it isn't fast enough to chug drinks.

I'm not sure if glass sippies would exist seeing that sippies are designed for toddlers who throw things around.
I use sippy cups with my meals, but my bottle (with warm milk) just before bedtime
I love the 300ml Nuk bottles with size 2 teat as it flows faster,and has an anti colic teat, great with hot chocolate MMMmmmm :p
Tommee Tippee or Avent bottles all the way!
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