What is the Sissy?

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I know, this question is enough silly. But i interested what is the Sissy. Really sorry the post, and a post writen by a boy. I have some questions, first: all sissies wear diapers? and my another question: what clothes wear the sissies?
I hope i am right place.
A sissy is a biological male who enjoys playing as a girl baby or a girl in general.

They do wear diapers (at least some of theM) and as far as I can tell they enjoy dresses, pink and frilly things and anything else that would normally be for a girl.
Sissies are males who enjoy exploring their ABDL interests within the framework of being a little girl. Some sissies simply enjoy the activities and accessories of girlhood, whilst for others the motivation to be a Sissy can range from wanting to explore their own gender identity, to enjoying the erotic humiliation of forced feminization, and plenty of other things in between. Some Sissies also enjoy items which are perhaps 'generally feminine', whilst others enjoy things that are overtly and extremely girlish, often frilly and ruffled items like Rompers.
Another aspect I have observed from some sissies is a caricature form of feminine, not all of them liking diapers, and many of them often seeking attention, emasculation, humiliation and/or degradation. Every person is going to pick and choose what they like out of the sissy spectrum though. I, for example, side more closely with the little girl category which generally doesn't include humiliation or degradation. It may or may not be embarrassing or emasculating though depending on how I play.
And if somebody behaves like a Sissy, attractive?
For me, being a sissyfur means being powerless and made to serve my "master", not necessarily in an adult way, but in a more day-to-day way. For instance, making my master breakfast, giving foot massages, and belly rubs among "other" things if you get where I'm going :o :o.

I know ( Some of us make a stronger distinction from what is "Sissy", and what is "Little-Girl", and further of "AB and or DL"...) i'm just interest, cause later may i be sissy..

* What is attractive, is in the 'eye of the beholder'... umm i personally the attractive the clothes and the cute behavior.

* What it is to you, is the more important consideration... as well, what is attractive to you... If a girl very honestly and nice with me.

The G. translate not always translate correctly, but i know English a little bit, so i understand. Thank you for translated your post for me. :)

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That's good, if i found myself this forum.
No, really no ABDLs and Sissy's the Hungarian culture.
Yes i wanna be sissy...later.
" I did forget to re-translate my Hungarian back to English, so I could have a better idea what I wrote to you." Not bad, That was good idea.
Your translation is not rough, and take it easy, no need your apologies. :)

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- toyfun
For me I am a 2-3 year old boy who wears little girl dresses and is always in diapers. Sometimes I am effeminate and girly, mostly though I like being a little boy who is happy in dresses and diapers.

For me sissy is a biological male who enjoys little girl stuff while being AB/DL which for the most part is me. I like the assortment of colors and the dresses and cute clothing that is available.
I like to dress up, wear diapers, suck on my paci, and cuddle with my plushie all at the same time which I like to do at least once a week. I see myself as a 4-6 year old girl when I do this.
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