What is regression, to you?

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I'm so curious! For background, I'm not an AB, and I don't have any tendencies toward regression. My boyfriend seems to, sometimes, though I'm not positive.

What is regression like? Some people post about it being helpless, or wanting someone to take care of you - is is a different mindset completely, or do you feel like a younger version of yourself? Does it feel familiar?

Does it happen spontaneously sometimes? I'd love to hear about those stories, or if there's something specific that always makes you feel little - I know there are other posts like these, but what I'm trying to get at is what regression is to you individually.

I know it's a lot of questions - I just think it's so wonderful, and such an interesting part of a personality, for lack of a better term. Apologies if my questions are a little all over the place - I'm having a bit of trouble phrasing exactly what it is I'm trying to ask.

If anyone wants to talk, but isn't comfortable posting on a page like this, PMs are always welcome. :)

[Am I allowed to say that..?]
For me, it's just giving myself permission to set aside my adult life and responcibilities for a while. It is a different mind-set, but I am always well aware that I am an adult. What ' regression ' is for me, is just doing the things I always wanted to do as a very young child.

When I was a child, I wished that I could wear pretty dresses, spend an afternoon playing with dolls, read stories about princesses who lived in magical kingdoms far away. I wanted to join the other little girl's tea parties that they had with their friends and Teddy-bears. I wanted to skip ropes, play hop-scotch, or play ' house '. In short, I wanted to live as, and do what any other little girl was doing at the time. I wanted to be a little girl.

When I ' regress ' I feel like the younger version of myself, but I also imagine that I have the physical form to match my heart, mind , and soul.
I think it's a great question! Not easy to answer though. I'm going to be very interested to see what responses you get.

For me regression allows me to indulge in activities that I take pleasure in, like wetting and or wearing diapers. I like the accidental aspect of losing control. This is something that really only happened to me as a child, so to enjoy a wetting or messing accident in its truest form, I like to regress and recall certain times or circumstances where I had a real accident. I don't like just doing it on purpose just for the sake of doing it, I like a real accident scenario.

This is where it's hard to explain without sounding like a weird pedo freak. I have absolutely no interest in children. The thought sickens me. But I love having a real accident. The only real accidents that I've had, (with a few notable exceptions) occurred when I was a child. So for me to really enjoy a true mishap, I imagine myself as a child, and enjoy the memories that it brings on.

I'm not into the real plushie, bottle, blanket, security type of thing. I just enjoy wetting in my pants or diaper, and when I do, I'm only ever thinking of myself as a kid, never other kids. I've never really been comfortable with the more grown up feelings of pleasure that I get while seeing myself as a little, but what can I do? It's something that I enjoy doing. But I only really enjoy it if I can engender the feelings of a kid who may have had an accident, but knows that it's not the end of the world, just a slightly embarrassing thing that needs to be dealt with.

But that's what works for me.

I've been posting lately about my new(ish) girlfriend. She has some mild IC issues, and sometimes has little accidents. Her (deceased) husband used to enjoy it when it happened, and would engage in "baby" play with her, and help her to change etc. She in turn started to enjoy being babied, and that's something that we are now playing with. For her, it's not so much about the wetting itself, but the feelings of safety and security she gets when someone is caring for her. She enjoys cuddling with a plushie and acting little. We have discussed trying out a bottle and/or pacifier, and plan on investing in some in the near future. It doesn't interest me, but I'll happily play along for her sake if she likes it.

Our little ages vary a bit. For me, I'm usually between 9-12, for her, she's about 3-4. But we've been exploring each other's fantasies, and can adapt to each other's ideas, at least to a point. I don't really feel comfortable having a caretaker, but I like having a playmate. She on the other hand likes having someone to help her out and look after her.

One thing we are learning, is that regardless of which age range we play with, it generally remains purely non sexual as we play. If we want to continue with a more mature experience, it's usually after we have put our little selves away. It just seems too wrong to try and experience a physical relationship while we are in little mode. We can get that finished with, and then get more adult afterwards.

I realise that I'm in a minority here, at least judging by a lot of people's posted thoughts and ideas that I read here, but I just can't get into little mode by simply cuddling a toy, or watching cartoons, or crawling on the floor. I do like wearing a diaper, or a onesie, or just dressing little, but there needs to be an element of wetting or perhaps messing involved.

On another topic, I simply just don't understand furries. I have full respect for them, and am not judging them at all, but for me I don't get the whole pretending to be an anthromorphic animal type of thing. But I have seen enough to realise that a whole lot of furries aren't into the whole diaper thing either. So it works both ways. What is strange to one is "normal" to another, and that is more than fine by me. It would be a boring world if we were all the same.

But I'd love some furries to explain what it is about it that floats their boat. Who knows, there is a whole new world there that I haven't dipped a toe into yet, and I might enjoy it if I tried it. I guess that I see my AB/DL side with a sexual aspect to it, at least when playtime is over, and it seems that it's not a heavily sexual thing for a lot of furries. So maybe someone can explain the appeal.

I think a lot of things that share a common ground with our collective fetishes, be it AB, DL, Little, Furry, Sissy, or whatever, is the fact that we want to be accepted for who we are, and not judged by "normal" (?) standards.

If I like wetting my pants, and you like dressing as a fox, and she likes pretending to be a baby, so what?

But I am so interested in hearing how and why it works for others!
Full regression is when (cue GPS voice) "You have reached your destination," and for me specifically, it's the moment when I'm most myself. At the moment when I'm, "down as far as I can go," I'm not pretending, but have arrived. 'Course I'm always Little, even when I'm footed PJless. A Lisa Frank fanatic is infused in me, period, kinda like MandyBear.

Certain things are vehicles. For some, it's :paci:s, bottles, certain clothes or foods, and many other things. For most of us, diapers or pull-ups are jet planes, and real accidents are rocket ships.:lol:

I'll direct you here, just because I've mentioned the feeling before. http://www.adisc.org/forum/showthread.php/9 4432-The-Personality-of-a-Little/page2 I will say, I wish she didn't think AB was only Ageplay. It's disheartening. I use AB because my little range is so young, not because I'm pretending!

Sanch said:
. . . I will say that regression seems to be different for everyone. The triggers for regression, the alteration in our thoughts and the way we act, and the function which regression serves for ABDLs is a very personal and singular experience.

For me personally, regression is an organic way to reach a truly little state-of-mind, or at least as close as I can get. It comes about when I'm most deeply engaged. . . and my brain seems to click off the adult switch which seems to be turned on (at least to some degree) for the vast majority of the time. Regression means that I think about things in a very simple way, experience my emotions in a way which is both basic and extremely bold, and brings this relaxed, nurture-loving and vulnerable side of my character to the fore in a way which simple age-roleplaying (whilst fun) just can't.
Amen! Glad to see you back!

For me, it's like a dial, with adult on the right and Little on the left, and I'm left handed.
Where I am along the dial, depends on circumstance, emotions, and environment, but the dial being turned all the way to adult, only happens when absolutely necessary, like for judges and bosses, and government people.

That doesn't mean I don't have triggers. Falls, pain, tiredness, the smell of new children's books, Play-doh, or crayons, being yelled at, stuff like that.
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For me regression is feeling like a younger version of myself. My speech patterns change, my habits (I fidget more) my tastes and interests change, although sometimes I can watch a scary movie or play a big kid game and still feel little.

But for me regression is changing my mindset and allowing my mental and emotional state to regress back to a time before the anxiety kicked in and everythin was fun.

- - - Updated - - -

Also sometimes it can happen spontaniously but mostly I have triggers. My "little" dishes like sippy cups or my Barbie plates, bottles, pacis, stuffies, toys, the smell of crayons. All of those things can trigger it an sometimes something like being tired or grumpy or even just bein bored can trigger certain littler behaviors.
Well I have a pretty "little" personality normally, so for me it's a less restrained version of that. I think I mostly find comfort in the concept of experiencing the carefree aspects associated to my little activities. But I also feel that, to some extent, I just normally enjoy doing certain things that I only do when little (like coloring or watching certain kids shows), but use this as an excuse to be open with myself about it. It's an outlet to express that side, I suppose.
Regression for me tends to mean setting aside my "independence" and letting somebody else take control. This is interesting that I enjoy it because I have always been so independent but sometimes I just want somebody else to be in charge, like a "mommy/authoritatian figure". It also helps my ABDL side because if someone else tells me that I need to put on a diaper or onesie then I feel less guilty because it is not me choosing but giving in to somebody else.

I would say I am both AB and DL so sometimes I just like the more babyish stuff like a diaper, paci, and bottle. Those times I am more interested in the regression. The DL side is more sexual so it is less "regression" and more BDSM type activities (e.g. Forced paci gag).

Feel free to PM as well if you want to talk more about your situation and specifics.
What I nice topic. It really got me thinking about what regression really means to me. Of course the answer is long and varied one. I will try to be brief.

In a word - Play. Regression is my ability to recover play - childlike play. Sometimes that play is RPing but it doesn't have to be that. It can simple mean having a playful mind. Thinking silly childlike thoughts. Enjoying being in the moment, when that moment includes diapers and paci's.

I told a friend of mine that RP is about being the kid you always wanted to be. Well, to me, that kid plays.
To me regression is a way to completely shut off the stresses, demands and expectations that come with my adult life. I have had major issues with health both physical and mental over the years and a ton of other crap gone on in my life. It's a way for me to switch of from the 6'4 bloke who I am most of the time and be peaceful and relaxed. But it also a very real part of my sexuality and something that I would like to feel free to explore with a future partner, to me there is the innocent none sexual part of it and then a very real sexual part. The latter was the more difficult part for me to come to terms with and accept.
Before I delve into my own experiences, I will say that regression seems to be different for everyone. The triggers for regression, the alteration in our thoughts and the way we act, and the function which regression serves for ABDLs is a very personal and singular experience.

For me personally, regression is an organic way to reach a truly little state-of-mind, or at least as close as I can get. It comes about when I'm most deeply engaged in ageplay, and my brain seems to click off the adult switch which seems to be turned on (at least to some degree) for the vast majority of the time. Regression means that I think about things in a very simple way, experience my emotions in a way which is both basic and extremely bold, and brings this relaxed, nurture-loving and vulnerable side of my character to the fore in a way which simple age-roleplaying (whilst fun) just can't.
While I'm not an AB and really don't "Regress" or have a "Little Side".
I think Bella summed it up pretty good here:
PrincessBella said:
Well I have a pretty "little" personality normally, so for me it's a less restrained version of that.

To most casual onlookers I am your normal everyday average "Adult", lol.
My "Little Side" is pretty much intertwined with my "Grown Up side" its hard to tell where one stops and the other starts, lol. I'm seriously in love with "Cute" and it is not really to hidden, even in my outward "Adult" self, lol.

I have various stickers and art on my laptop, my desktop theme is bright purple with Hello Kitty as my desktop background.
I own (some say to many) various items of Girls clothes and mix, match and integrate them with my more adult wardrobe.
There is always a night light on somewhere, a teddy bear in my bed and a hello kitty blanket draped over my couch, lol.
In the winter time, I practically live in many pink fuzzy sleep pants or my (kids size, cause they're cheap and hella cute from Target) blanket sleepers (Footie PJs).

Basically my Little "side" is everywhere, LOL!
But there are times when I just feel more like and free to openly be my default younger self.
Then there are the times when I need to just get away from everything, usually when I'm having (or trying to recover from) an Anxiety or Panic attack or am super stressed out and letting myself just be gives me the feelings of safety and security and that helps me immensely.

Normally wearing a diaper (I'm night time IC) doesn't do anything for me, but when I'm feeling like above they also give me those feelings of safety, security, relaxation and comfort as that is what I have come to associate them with.
So, I am a Little, who wears diapers (partly because I have to), but is not an AB. :D
Chiming in a little late, I guess, but I think regression for me is just a way to forget about stressful things, just as someone else said.

But you also asked what is it like? I just find a wave of happiness coming over me when I dress like a baby or a really little kid. I do have sort of a confession that I've never actually worn a diaper, despite having fantasized about wearing them for years and years, and I think putting DL in my profile. I'm planning on buying my first diaper soon from a site that I learned about on this web site (as soon, I guess, as my income lifts a bit; I mean, it's $35 for an adult diaper -- or at least at the site I was looking at -- Dependico, I think). I never knew where to buy them and was kind of afraid to, I guess. But everyone here has inspired me.

But I digress -- about regressing. Anyway, when I regress, I wear -- when nobody else is around -- a lot of T-shirts that you'd expect to find on a baby or child. I have, well, a lot of T-shirts that I've bought over the years --quite a few Sesame Street T-shirts, Little Mermaid, Barbie, Mickey Mouse, Dora the Explorer and so on (wasn't so easy to find these years ago, but now you can put just about anything on an adult-size T-shirt). And I'll pop in my pacifier, and sometimes I'll fantasize about being a baby, or sometimes I'll just wear my "baby" outfit while I'm working, which allows me to focus and be happy if I'm working on something boring. (I work out of my home; otherwise, obviously I'd never be able to get away with that. And this is assuming my daughters are at school or somewhere else.)

Maybe I'm happy because I'm reminded of another time, or maybe I just like doing something that I'm technically not supposed to be doing since I'm a grown up, but it's obviously something that isn't hurting anyone, isn't illegal, etc. I really don't know why I find myself so happy when I regress into full-fledged AB mode.

I don't really feel like a younger version of myself -- in fact, the thrill for me is that I'm not a baby. When I fantasize about being a baby, I don't yearn to be an actual baby -- I yearn to have a woman who loves me, or cares about me, and, just because she wants to or can, will make me dress up and act like a baby. I guess it goes to wanting to my wanting to be submissive to a woman, and I guess I feel that one of the more submissive acts you can do with a woman is to allow her to have so much power over you that she can make you dress up in baby clothes and restrict you from going to a grown up bathroom :)

Hopefully I'm making sense and that this explanation wasn't too long. Anyway, Miss Ryu, I think your very boyfriend is lucky that you're taking an interest in understanding him (assuming he is regressing).
For me regression is a younger state of mind that I get into when I indulge in my baby stuff like wearing diapers and cuddling with my plushies while drinking from my bottle. I usually just wear short t-shirts with my diapers to make it more authentic in my mind. Sometimes I'll even fantasize about actually being a toddler and I'll like to imagine that I have a mommy that is loving and caring and someone who doesn't dish out discipline. When I regress I do not feel like a younger version of myself I feel like my little self or persona if that makes any sense.
While regressing I forget about all of the stress of life and it is a really great way for me to relax. It's just really comforting to me.
I hope I was helpful.
I can relate to what Sanch, MandyBear, and Ozbub (on another thread) said, to the point where I wish the medical imaging tech existed to look at our brains when we feel our smallest. Of course, then they'd try to fix us. Baby Mitchy and Candi have said things in their videos too, that make me think there's a commonality in our experiences, and probably the experiences of many other ADISCers. The issue is, human language stinks when it comes to expressing something like this.

That doesn't mean every experience isn't unique, but does needing a catalyst, like Wombat, really separate those who need them from those who don't? What unites us? I think the authenticity with which one feels emotions within his or her age range, regardless of AB or Little, and regardless of needing a catalyst, or having triggers or not, and the time it take him or her to go from being Little to big and back again, are what separate Ageplayers from non-Ageplayers, rather one calls that regression, a natural mindset, or a touch of both. This also means when I find someone, he's gonna have to be attuned to my cues that I'm feeling small, and we're both going to have to make sure my dial is turned all the way to adult, so I can enjoy him and participate when we're intimate.

Mandybear, I'm curious. If not regressed, what do you call the moment when you feel at your very youngest point, and what do you do to stop yourself when it's not okay to be there? The reason I ask is, I think we're quite alike. My Little side is everywhere and my cuteness and likes aren't well hidden from folks I spend a lot of time with, and people I don't know well see, "fiercely independent, (because of my disabilities) yet childish adult," too, but to me, regressed means anywhere along my range other than old stick in the mud.:lol: Adult means, "I don't care if the judge is scary! Do not cry! This is an emancipation hearing."

Goodness, that was what, almost 13 years ago, and it still scares me to think of it?:lol:
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Oh man! So many awesome responses. I'm sorry I've been away from this site for a few days, but I'll try and have a response to everyone up before I go to sleep tonight :)
What does It mean to me ? Happiness, It's complicated but I feel comfortable doing all of this, also nostalgia is something important in my case, watching old cartoons, doing something familiar or things that I like brings me back good memories allowing me to feel that way :)
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I only got through half of them tonight, but I'll write more responses tomorrow. Thanks, all, for sharing!

Yay, responses! :D

Thank you guys for answering!! I'm sorry for asking questions and then not responding right away. I wanted to wait a bit so I could really think about what to say, and I’ve also been a bit busier than normal, but I did read every word. It's so interesting to see how people can approach the same things from different directions. It can be security, or reliving childhood - or reworking the childhood one wanted, or anything, really. I think that's brilliant, I think it's so great that people can find what makes them feel loved/cared for/safe/etc and express it. That takes guts, no matter what the impetus was to start.

I’m not going to quote everyone (I haven’t figured out a way to do it quickly yet) but I do want to respond, so:


I think that sounds lovely. I like the way you put that, about ‘giving yourself permission’ to set aside adult things for a little while. I know quite a few people who could benefit from doing that!

From what my parents tell me, I was a little bit of a terror about tea parties – if you were at my house, you were coming to the tea party, and you pretty much didn’t have a choice. This was when I was around four, I think? Oh! I think you’ll like this story. I remember for my birthday my family had me spend a big chunk of the day with my babysitter, and then I came home to a real-life teaparty with my relatives. I don’t remember much of it, but I remember walking in, at least – everything else is probably just from them telling me about it. I don’t remember being a really frufru girly girl, but apparently I was super into those tea parties.


I…have a lot of questions, haha. I like learning, and I like learning about this specifically. I find it’s always way more interesting to learn from people than from books. And from what I’ve heard around here, there aren’t that many that accurately represent the muti-faceted nature of infantilism/ageplay. There’s a stigma around it, and I don’t know why.

You don’t sound like a pedo! There’s a big difference between (A) wanting to recreate childhood experiences and having adult pleasure from that and (B) being sexually attracted to actual children. I get it.

Oh my goodness, you and your girlfriend sound SO CUTE. I love hearing about happy couples, and the ageplay thing just makes it even more adorable. I’m not trying to belittle (hah) you or anything, it just kinda makes me squee a little bit to read about y’all playing and being happy.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with needing a certain element of wetting to get into your personal ‘little’ zone. It’s different for everyone, or at least that’s what I’ve seen. But then, pretty much everything is. Perception varies! Two people looking at the same picture can have completely different thoughts about it.

I don’t really understand furries, either. I’m not closed to the idea, and I’d love to learn more/talk to more people who identify as furries, but it doesn’t quite compute when I try and think about it all by myself. But that’s what’s so great about this forum! And I agree – I think a lot of it has to do with acceptance of behaviors and desires outside the generally accepted ‘norm’.


I saw that whole other thread, yeah – that’s part of what made me want to ask this question :)

I think it’s interesting that you talk about it like vehicles – makes it easy to understand! It makes sense that triggers would send you right there, yeah, especially if you refer to it as being more true to your inner self.


Thank you for mentioning your triggers! I think it’s cool that it can vary from things to feelings. I also think it’s interesting that you say your tastes and interests change.


Aw, that sounds nice. It sounds like a lovely happy time to let yourself enjoy what you like guilt-free.


I like what you wrote. I like that you said it’s about letting someone else take charge even though you’re usually very independent, and I like that part about it being less of a guilty pleasure if someone else made the choice for you. I think that’s an interesting combination of feelings.

I got your friend request and accepted – feel free to PM me! I should be able to get them very soon.


Awh. I like that you talked about RP and also just ‘freeform’. I also like the phrasing about being in the moment – I think that’s a very big part of it, is not worrying about the future or even tomorrow or a few hours from then, all that matters is right then. Which is pretty awesome.


First of all, I think it’s awesome to see you pinging around here and commenting all over and posting questions – you seem really pumped, and that’s wonderful! :)

I can’t comment on the sexual side of it, as I have no context for that at all, but I liked the way you worded it about ‘shutting off’ the stressful bits, and relaxing.


I really like what you said here: “I will say that regression seems to be different for everyone. The triggers for regression, the alteration in our thoughts and the way we act, and the function which regression serves for ABDLs is a very personal and singular experience.”

It definitely seems to be true! I’m not really looking for one particular answer, I just like learning about individual people and their personal opinions and stories. Enough answers will also help understand it on a bigger scale, or at least I hope so. I also like that you differentiated between regression and age-play – thank you for sharing!

(Also, as a lurker, I drew slight inspiration from your username and calling your wife MamaSanch to come up with my username and calling my boyfriend MrRyu. So thanks for that, too!)


I'll respond to everyone else tomorrow. Goodnight/morning!
I have different ages & mindsets depending on my mood for regression. However, for me, I don't regress past an adolescent age often. If I do, the lowest age I will hit is about 4. I usually sit around 11-13 and just sort of veg out to old school video games with some soda while being padded in a pull-up.

Regression for me is more geared towards simple calm relaxation. Rather than achieve this through babyish acts, I do what I would consider normal people my age do: tune out the world and play video games. The thing that makes it regression for me, is that I play the games i played as a kid & get lost in a stroll down memory lane. I used to use video games as an escape from life so it was easy to be locked on a game for hours at a time while sucking down soda. But now I don't do that often because I'm either looking for a challenge in new games or not playing at all due to the happenings of life. Diapers will sometimes be incorporated though not often considering I didn't have them on hand as a kid. That's why I prefer pull-ups or printed briefs for regression. It's a different kind of innocence, whereas diapers tend to be geared more sexually for me.

I like the idea of playing with toys or legos & coloring but never really go out of my way to purchase these things and use them. I really feel little when I explore somewhere new (like in nature or a new city/activity) or play games with the Cub Scouts I work with though. So I consider those forms of in the moment regression, though it's probably more likely childlike wonderment.
SpAzpieSweeTot said:
Mandybear, I'm curious. If not regressed,
what do you call the moment when you feel at your very youngest point,
and what do you do to stop yourself when it's not okay to be there?

I guess I really don't know it until its past.
I can be doing something that leads me to doing something little and I can/will be blissfully unaware until someone or thing sort of pops me back into being an adult, lol.
Sort of like I'm always little, sometimes its at the very top and sometimes its buried deep and I'm the grownup.
Aside from being totally obvious about it (Hello Kitty brite pink top or something like that) most people see the adult me standing there and think that's it, until I prove them wrong by seeing something cute and saying oh I want that, or fangirling, lol.
But also at times I totally get all gun-ho wrapped up in being the adult and I will be/stay that way until something cute or shiny crosses my path, LOL!

The more I think about it, and I have been thinking about it a LOT lately!!! My adult side is the face I (usually try to) project to the world, its what keeps Little me safe I guess. Scary stuff? Let the grownup make it go away. Bills? Work? Awww let the grownup deal with it, LOL.

I hope all or some of this makes sense because I'm still sort of working it out myself. :D
Regression is being able to feel younger and do lil kids things without feeling silly or guilty or bored. Just enjoying every second without questions like a lil kid. :)
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