what is going on with tena?

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i see their still producing the tena slip maxi but i can't find any information about if their different. anybody have some insight?

i hope they decided not to discontinue :)
The tena slip maxi's are pretty good, I would be sad to see them discontinue as well. I found this little snippit from xpmedical's product page.

"The version of Tena slip Maxi we sold prior to March 2015 (have) been discontinued by Tena. Sizes medium and large have been replaced by a new "classic" version of the same. It has a plastic center panel and breathable cloth-like wings."

Hope that clears things up!
Tena Slip (Europe) changed over to a full cloth like backing last year. These changes are now filtering through to North America where the product is imported.

At the very end of last year, Tena Europe quietly introduced the Tena Slip Original range, which features plastic backing on the main panel but cloth-like wings. I've yet to see them reviewed...
I have tried the ones with the cloth like wings that XP Medical has, and unfortunately they are not good. The initial fit is nice, but the sides stretch like crazy. I put one on, and made sure to go snug with the fit, and after 15 min or so, it had become loose, but the tapes had not slipped. After one small wetting, the fit became even more loose. So I pulled the top tapes, off of the bottom blue tapes, and re-positioned them to be a snug fit again, I probably moved all four tapes at least an inch from their previous location. After another 20 min, the fit was so loose that it was almost ready to fall off, and once again, the tapes had not moved. I really liked the old tena slip maxi, and wish that when these companies made cloth like diapers, that they would make it so they don't stretch out like that. I have had the same problem with the abena air plus, they just stretch so badly that they start to gap and slide down. The only cure I have found is to start snug, and then wear a pair of snug fitting boxer briefs over the diaper to keep it in place. Unfortunately I find that it makes for more heat retention, and I feel that not allowing the diaper to sag a little bit in the center area leads to more leaks

i haven't had any experience with the cloth winged and plastic centre panel ones. But the ones we get in Australia are the same as the european ones. So i have used the full cloth back ones quite a bit. I actually like the full cloth backed ones as i find the fit is much better then what i used to get with the tena. The tabs grip on the cloth covering quite nicely although they do get a little loose after a while (usually when I'm pretty active doing things, not too much if i am sitting down and working at my desk). and repositioning them i have never had too much of an issue with the tabs. I also find that they tend not to seep through the cloth like backing like other brands I've tried tend to do. So that is always a benefit. I tend to use them as an alternative to the molicares I'm using as i find that the cloth backed tena are reasonably good and are pretty discreet considering how much they do end up holding.
I bought as many as I could afford before they were sold out so that I could have them as long as I could. I suspect they will last, mixed with other kinds, until the end of summer. After that I'll be looking for a new go-to diaper or using Dry24's all the time...
The original tena slip maxis have in fact been discontinued but are being replaced with the "Classic" slip maxi which has cloth side panels but is plastic backed in the center. I ordered samples from xp medical because I read they ran smaller than the previous version which is in fact true, personally I had always worn a medium in the old version but had to step up to large for the new ones to fit well and so far they have done fairly well for me, they are absorbent enough to last me through my workday and I have not had problems with them loosening up of course i always wear regular underwear over my diaper because I like that extra snug fit. One thing i did notice is that they dont swell up like the old ones did but i also noticed they do wick alot better than the old ones and by the end of my workday the whole diaper is wet whereas with the old ones the first 2/3 of the diaper would be 4 times thicker than when dry yet the back would be bone dry. I think honestly I like these better just because of the plastic/cloth design as that is my preferred style of diaper and I wish there were more like it. Hope this helps and maybe someone with better skill than I will do a full review!
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