• Note: ADISC does NOT allow personal ads. This includes "looking for ____" or "anyone in ____" type introduction posts. To write a good introduction, focus on explaining who you are, NOT what you are looking for. The goal should be to help other people get to know you a bit.

What is ADISC? (Mission Statement)

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ADISC is a supportive community for ABs, DLs, incontinent folk, and babyfurs.
Our mission is to be the most supportive, and fun, social community on the web for these groups.

It is not an "adult" site.
We have adults here, but we are not adults-only.

It is not a dating site.

It is not a 'fetish' site.
We sometimes talk about "fetishes", but that isn't the primary purpose of the site.

The site does not revolve around discussion of diapers or other kinky interests.
Though there is ample discussion of those, most topics are about far more mundane things.
Most members here are relatively normal, and, dare I say it, quite mature in their behavior.

That is our culture, and we welcome you to it :)
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