what i like about winter

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you can wear oversized clothes.

It has been a dry mild winter, today I. went to the movies wearing double thick cloth diapers and rubber pants. I was wet inside and dry outside, felt terrific. Saw Unbroken and Imagination Game 2 great films.
That's the only good thing about winter for me. Other than that, the best part of winter is when it ends. If I skied or if we had enough snow to go sledding, I'd probably like it, but in central Virginia, it's just cold and wet.
Only thing I like about Winter is the very rare occasion where it's bad enough to not go into work. Unfortunately here we almost always get rain along with the snow, and wind. The result is shitty miserable conditions that arn't bad enough to stay home, but suck to be out in. Luckily we have flex time where I work so I can go in later and avoid the mandatory traffic nightmare, but it still sucks.
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