What holds up your heavy diaper


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Right now I have a

Omutsu Bulky Nighttime Cloth Diaper - Pink Sheep on with two booster pads. Very heavy and sagging. On top of that plastic pants of course. Covering that is my little for big onise. What do you use to hold up your heavy sagging diaper.

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I use incontrol +inspire by Rearz and typically boxers that aren’t too too tight do the trick !
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I usually use this strappy body harness I have to tighten around the waist of the diaper and around the leg holes, really helps it hold up!
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Tykables Snappies hold mine up
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One of the many onesies my mothers have bought me. There are very times during the day/night when I don't have some sort of onesie on.
For some of us, the tapes and "belt" of the diaper is enough! Depends on your body shape and attachment technique - one of those you can control. Some diaper wearers would probably be best served by suspenders, lol. Otoh, simply wearing pants can help.

If my diaper actually starts sagging it's one of three things:

1. The belt of the diaper got loose, either through stretching or tapes mysteriously migrating.
2. Padding fell apart (more extreme physical activity or just cheaply made diaper)
3. It's way too wet and needed changed anyway - although some more recreational wearers are after the bulk and extreme absorbancy / most wetness.

Many will probably recommend snap crotch shirts (onesies), this puppy doesn't recommend them or underwear because they can be detrimental to diaper absorbancy and can actually make the diaper leak before it should. Anything restricting on top of your diaper can compress it and limit it's ability to quickly absorb. I also haven't found (or tried really hard to find / commission) a onesie that was loose enough in my diaper area to not compromise the diaper. They're great in theory if your worried about diaper peekage, but my tall torso means the ones I've tried are tight in the crotch leading to leaks that wouldn't have otherwise happened.
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The very good tapes NRU str8ups come with!

jk, sometimes if I need to contain the smell, I use my trusty Gary Wear plastic pants. I've had them for years.
Boxer briefs work for me! 😊
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Good tight compression shorts. Usually I have to work them to get them over my fresh diaper with booster but once all situated I'm set to go. Don't notice much sagging but do notice the bulging as the day progresses.
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Three stretch net pants covered with a PUL pant, works well for me no matter what I am doing.
The same kind of anti gravity suspensors that baron Harkonen uses in Dune.

on a more serious note, nothing much extra I find most nappies stay up well enough on their own even when fit to burst. probably just my body shape, I do wear onesies now and then and have taken to wearing long legged boxer shorts over th top but that's to stop chaffing not support the weight.
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Plastic pants suprima 1250
Tykables rompers could hold up and soggy diaper they make
Usually at work I wear a onesie under my clothes or just some tighter boxer briefs do the trick when the sag is real
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Generally, a Tykables onesie or boxer briefs.

But as @Belarin says, I don’t always feel I need it and find that nappies can hold themselves pretty well, even when soggy.
A good pair of thick footed tights and a medium Garywears active brief over my diaper daily.
my suspender belt
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Usually a Tykables snappies. Sometimes tighty whities.
Some days I just go solo if I'm just hanging out at the house.
Short onesie. Plastic pants.
Or both
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tight belt on my pants when in public and onesie at home