What helps you feel little?

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So even though I've known that I'm an AB for years, I've only actually gotten into it recently because I wanted to keep it a secret so I waited until I got my own mailbox at college before I got anything babyish. I have diapers, plushies, and a pacifier but I feel like I could do more.

So I want to ask you guys, what else can I get/do to help me feel little?
How about a bottle or sippy cup? A baby blanket? Baby toys? Onseis or other babyish clothing?
Bottles baby toys and loads of cartoons for me

Hi YonngYoshi.

All that BabyDenise said. And depending on your pocket money.
A visit to babys are us or something simeler and you will be in baby heaven.

Depending on you phicial size. You may thing about getting your self a cot.

Just a worning don't binge and Purge. That get lodes of Baby/Little stuff. And then go through the OMG what am I doing and through it all away.

If you get to the OMG and go through I a grown up I should act like one just put all the AB stuff away for a while do not through it away. Becouse if you do you will regreat it. Specially your plushies.

Finding a caregiver/P-Dom. Best of luck. But if you are lucky enough to find one. They will be able to hold you in AB/Little space for days.

The last one is to give your self a schedule to live to. And structure.
I have this in my life but it up to you.

Something like getting up in time to have breakfast. And get to nursery on time ( College.)
Depending on you day at college a nap before dinner and then a play time before have a bath and going to bed.

My bed time is 10.00 but I start get in ready for bed at 8.00 so i have time to have a bath and a bottle before.
I wach children's television. Which is much better than Grown up TV. No films that are for Grown ups they are scary and they'll give you bad dreams. And you don't need any of that yucky stuff anyways.

OK cart really think of anything else.

Have lots of fun and wellcome to the tree house.


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Watching Sofia the first, litening to Disney songs, having my morning cup of tea in a bottle and my paci/ bunny stuffie/ fluffy blanket make me feel little, also wearing cute little outfits.. It does help if you have little friends or p-doms, I had a housemate that acted like my daddy before which helped.. Oh and doing the colouring books and stuff when you're out at restaurants, again this is best when you're doing it with little friends
Snuggles, hearing (well with what Little hearing i have left) songs that remind me of my childhood, Disney Films, Pacis, diapers Are really important for Regression. (I Must be able to hide crinkling well because no one has Said anything, being hard of hearing that was confusing) my toys, nap times, preparing my Diaper bag for next day, going Diaper Shopping , also does any of you get Excited when you Hear the Word "Diaper", "pacifier", "dummy" , "binky" , "Nappy"
I find that just having cartoons playing in the background and playing with my toys, forcing myself to not think and to live in the moment is very little. Grown-ups think too much. Wearing the things that look little like certain dresses and pajamas, cutting food up really small and eating off of kids plates, my sippy cup. Somewhat running instead of walking (I did this all the time as a kid).
You have to experiment, try to remember some of the mannerisms that you did when you really were little, try to mimic them, you will eventually find that they start to come naturally to you again instead of mimicking. At least this is how I am.
Thanks for the advice, guys. I remember when I was four I would stuff a laundry basket with a pillow, lay in it and drink from a bottle. Course, there's no way I can fit in a basket anymore but I can still get a bottle big enough for me. I'll order one when my parents get back to work and I'll look for some of the old books I had as a kid. My favorite one was about a bunny changing the color of his fur with paint, I can't remember what it's called though. I'll try to get my schedule into some kind of rhythm, but that might be tricky for me.
YoungYoshi said:
I'll try to get my schedule into some kind of rhythm, but that might be tricky for me.

Hi YoungYoshi

Be good to your self with scheduling. I like having a routine to follow as this help me. But it can change depending on what is happening in my life.

Setting me self tasks to bo is a good way. Rewording your self when you have so many gold stars.

It just if you are to hard on your self it doesn't work.

You are the best one to judge this. But it is good if you have a Dom to help.

When you feel like it, you could visit a toy or nursery store (I know Toy's'rus have both toy of all age and nursery part in most of their store). Strolling in and looking at the products can help you to feel little :D Plus, It could be a nice way to reward/congratulate yourself in a "little way" for running a good semester, or to relax yourself if you feeling blue. I did that sometimes when i was in college. Good times!
The one thing that I can always count on to help me feel little is playing/cuddling with my plushies. I like to play with them and hug them everyday and I always works for me.
Bottles are life. ^^
I really love diapering up and rolling around in my yard with my dog. I think it makes him feel little too hehe.
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