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be nice to see these prints on some abdl diapers


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Good luck buying the rights to Disney lol
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littledreamers333 said:
be nice to see these prints on some abdl diapers
At age 4/5
(fully potty trained)
That was the first baby diaper I ever snuck around and put on while I was sleeping in the afternoon. I took the diaper off my stuffed animal, put it on myself, and then put my underwear over that diaper. I got caught when I woke up, my grandparents were keeping me. I don't remember if/ or how much trouble I got into.
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DiaperedDragon said:
Good luck buying the rights to Disney lol
ik was just saying would be cool
I hear you bro. I still use Pampers Size 7 Cruisers, XL GoodNites, as stuffers in my ABDL diaper. What I wouldn't do to be that 4 year old again, and tear into a pack of diapers at the time and just go nuts. Probably not as absorbant as these days via the R&D department.
But ya either Pampers or Huggies already owns rights, it's a nostalgic look for us. But very dull looking compared to these days patterns on branded training pants for kids
You can if you print them out on paper and use clear packing tape and tape them to the front of white diapers to mimic landing zones. Here’s an example of my work.


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This puppy loves fun prints, and sometimes a little bit of humiliation or embarrassment by being seen in a "babyish" diaper... Would totally go for a diaper with real licensed children's prints from pop culture!

Wonder if any of our abdl diaper producers have actually tried to license any of these... And what they were told or how much it would have cost! Can't imagine someone hasn't tried! My guess is stigma for the community (because abdls are all child predators or some such nonsense) would make it a potential public relations nightmare for them to allow their intellectual property on...